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The "Haiku of Food" Contest:
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Add a pair of wings
to a pepper pod, you would
make a dragonfly.

— Basho


Calling all food lovers!

Share your passion—create inspiring haiku poetry about food or cooking. Poems can be serious or amusing, but they must focus on some aspect of food or cooking.

Win cookbooks! Six talented poets will receive Asian cookbook collections from HarperCollins Publishers (valued at up to $150). Click to check out the HarperCollins Cookbook Prizes.



1. What is Haiku? (Haiku of Food Examples)
2. Contest Rules
3. Contest Prizes
4. Enter Here


1. What is Haiku?

Enter Our Haiku Contest! 
A Japanese verse using simplicity and brevity. Some of the best haiku represent familiar situations— but in a way that gives readers a new experience of the everyday. It's as if an entirely new awareness suddenly crystallizes out of the ordinary.

How is Haiku structured?
Haiku-poems consist of three lines, each respectively containing 5, 7 and 5 syllables. But in English, the 5-7-5 requirement can be difficult. In this contest, Haiku is acceptable if it contains three lines with no more than 18 syllables.

The Cutting Technique:
Haiku is distinctive in its use of "cutting"—the poem is conceptually divided into two parts, as if there was a pause between two segments. Each segment must enhance the meaning of the other, but they must also be to a certain degree independent. The cut usually occurs at the end of the first or second line.

What is Food Haiku?
Traditional haiku always includes a reference to the season—spring, summer, winter, fall. But the reference may be symbollic; just mentioning cherry blossoms indicates the season is spring without actually saying the season's name. In the Haiku of Food Contest, each poem must contain a food element instead of or in addition to a seasonal element.


Examples of Food Haiku:

Fifty nine cents a pound.
Bushels of cherries grow
From such a small bee.
— KH

At the over-matured sushi,
The Master
Is full of regret.
— Basho

More examples and links to haiku pages...


2. Contest Rules in Brief
Click for a Complete List of Rules.

Enter Our Haiku Contest!

Short Rules:
The goal of the Haiku of Food Contest is to create a collection of haiku poems that reflect aspects of food and cooking.

Each entry must adhere to the following:
3 lines (in English)
17 syllables preferable, but fewer syllables and up to 18 syllables are allowed
a minimum of one food or cooking word

Anyone can enter, but eligible prize winners must be residents of the United States of America or Canada. Enter as many times as you like.


3. Prizes: Cookbooks by HarperCollins Publishers
Click here for more information on each book.

Grand Prize (valued at $150):
One grand prize winner will receive:
Asian Ingredients
Asian Noodles
Asian Wraps
The Chinese Kitchen
The Cuisines of India
Pleasures of the Vietnamese Table

Five Runners-Up Prizes (valued at $100 each):
Each runner up will receive this collection:
Asian Ingredients
The Chinese Kitchen
The Cuisines of India
Pleasures of the Vietnamese Table


4. To Enter:
Enter as many food haikus as you like. Deadline August 31, 2001.
Haiku of Food Entry Form.


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