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Black Magic Month:
Halloween Count-Down

by Kate Heyhoe


That old black magic has me in its spell
That old black magic that you weave so well
Icy fingers up and down my spine
The same old witchcraft when your eyes meet mine...


Celebrate Halloween with Black Magic Month— four installments of powerful recipes and spellbinding entertaining ideas. In addition to the four menus further below, check out these Halloween features:

Transylvanian Dinner: Going for Goulash
Smashing Pumpkins...and Other Culinary Acts
The Edible Zombie: A Haunting Halloween Meal


Orange Omens and Black Magic

Use my recipes, or come up with your own colorful combinations, featuring ingredients like these—

Orange-hued foods
Pumpkins and squashes, oranges, salmon, salmon roe or red caviar, paprika, orange and red bell peppers, cooked shrimp and lobster (especially in the shells), cheddar cheese, orange or red lentils, mango, papaya, kumquat, orange chile peppers, sumac, saffron, turmeric.

Black-hued foods
Caviar, black beans, blueberries, squid and squid ink (as in squid ink pasta or risotto), octopus, poppyseeds, chocolate and cocoa, coffee, licorice, charred and grilled foods, eggplant, portabella and shiitake mushrooms.

Witch's Hat  

Black Magic Month: Halloween Count-Down

Part I: First Bites of the Night

Brujo's Burning Balls of Fire in Vermilion Sauce
Toasted Nori Bat Wings
Portabella Toadstools on a Log
     with Slithering Crimson Salamanders
Musical selection: That Old Black Magic, Frank Sinatra

Part II: Witch Doctor's Delight

Spellbinding Squid Tentacles
Apothecary Aioli
Shaman's Shrimp
Santeria Sangria
Musical selection: Witch Doctor, as sung by David Seville's Alvin and the Chipmunks


Part III: Seasonings of the Witch

Bewitched Black Bean Enfrijoladas
Blithe Spirit Pumpkin Flan
Hellfire 'n Damnation Flaming Cocoa/Caffe
     with Mango Cream
Musical Selection: Season of the Witch, Donovan


Part IV: Last Minute Devilish Dips & Mexican Days of the Dead

Black & Orange Tapenades
Chiles Con Queso
Days of the Dead & Pan de Muerto
Musical Selection: Witchy Woman, The Eagles


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