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Memorial Day Mixed Grill

by Kate Heyhoe


Summer's here—time to hit the (cook) books!

Grilling today goes beyond the traditional hickory-smoked barbecue sauce—Chefs now fuel their patrons with exotic platters of Latin, Asian and Caribbean specialties, all flame-kissed on hot, smoky grills—Fortunately, these same chefs also share their tempting recipes with us, in cookbooks as luscious in their looks as in their recipes.

Memorial Day Mixed GrillThis Memorial Day, fire up the summer grilling season with at least one new cookbook and one new recipe to add to the festivities—The toughest thing will be figuring out which to sample—

Some suggestions: Try Omaha Steaks' Souvlaki with Grilled Vegetable Couscous, always a crowd-pleaser. Or, discover what the staff of an award-winning restaurant eats: Honeyed-Hoisin Grilled Chicken Wings, and Cucumber Salad with Red Onion and Chinese Sausage. For a South American spin with class, perhaps you'd prefer Douglas Ramirez' Salmon with Dill Chimichurri sauce. Then cool down with a 3-ingredient Rose Hips Sorbet, paired with pink pineapple. Add a salad to your menu and gloat as the compliments come in.

The following mouth-watering recipes from our Cookbook Profiles department should get you burnin' to go—they include main dishes along with grilling partners, such as sides and sauces. and in July and August, don't miss the FoodWine's Great Big Grilling Guide for dozens more recipes and tips on grilling, marinating, sauces, side dishes, salads, and cool desserts.

Happy Memorial Day!
Kate Heyhoe



Omaha Steaks: Let's Grill

Garlic and Chile Stabbed T-Bone Steaks
     with Grilled Corn Relish
Aegean Island Souvlaki
     with Grilled Vegetable Couscous
Lemongrass-Speared Grilled Chicken Satay
     with Thai Peanut Sauce

Douglas Rodriguez' Latin Flavors on the Grill

Mussels in Banana Leaves with Saffron-Lemon Butter
Shrimp with Avocado-Horseradish Salsa
Salmon with Dill Chimichurri
Nicaraguan-Style Churrasco

Staff Meals from Chanterelle

Grilled Beef Fillets with Star Anise
Honeyed-Hoisin Grilled Chicken Wings
Cucumber Salad with Red Onion and Chinese Sausage

Healthy 1-2-3

Julienned Beefsteak Tomato Salad, Watercress Oil
Poached Pineapple in Red Honey Syrup, Rose Hips Sorbet
Iced Green Tea with Lemongrass Infusion

Sticks and Skewers

Italian Potatoes on Rosemary Sticks
Afghan Lamb Kabobs with Ginger, Red Wine, and Bay Leaves
Pineapple Sticks with Sugar-Lime Sauce

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