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The 1964 galley-style kitchen served as both cooking area and passageway from the living room to the dining room. The original kitchen was too small even for the previous owners—they built a tower in the dining room to hold the oven and microwave, as seen in the left forefront. This was the full kitchen. 
We now call this area the "butler's pantry." Recessed canister lights on dimmers and a 10-foot track of low-voltage halogens illuminate the area, along with undercabinet lights. Note that the passageway to the living room in rear is totally opened up; walls and doorways were removed. Just beyond the tall cabinets on the left is the walk-in utility closet, with a recessed bi-fold door to leave room for pet dishes. 
9A Reverse
9A- Reverse
After: The butler's pantry, as seen from the opposite direction (the living room). The cooktop end of the peninsula in the main kitchen appears in the rear, with a new window behind it.

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