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December 2000

Ending the Year Well Read and Fed...

A New Year's Buffet to Do Ahead

Fancy Foods to Celebrate

Gifts to Make...

Gifts to Buy...


November 2000

Turkey + 3 Ingredients = Luscious Leftovers

Better Tasting Turkeys: Drowning and Browning the Bird

Stuffing Tips and Free-Form Techniques

My, My American Pie


October 2000

The Edible Zombie: A Haunting Halloween Meal

Smashing Pumpkins...and Other Culinary Acts

Transylvanian Dinner: Going for Goulash

Homework Helpers & Theme Dinners


September 2000

Italian Meatballs, My Way

Eating Australian

Feeding the Olympics, Down Under

Cook Your Wurst! It's Oktoberfest

Pistou and Pesto: Basil's Last Stand


August 2000

Best Labor Day Burgers & Ribs

Best Summer Salads

World's Best Grilled Chicken

Grilling 101 Revisited


July 2000—All-American Recipe Round-Up

Great American Salad Bowl

All-American Desserts


Texas Cowboy Country

July 4th Recipes


June 2000—Tropical Fruits Month

Mango Madness

Tangy Tamarind

Coconut Crazy

Pineapple Express


May 2000—Mexico Month

Mexican Shredded Chicken & Toasted Corn Soup

Epazote & A Pot of Pintos

Mexican Cheeses: The Whole Enchilada

Tequila Fiesta Recipes: Red, Green and White


April 2000

Wake-Up: It's Daylight Savings Time! World Power Breakfasts

Easter Lore & Post-Easter Eggs

Spring Centerpiece Sides: Phyllo Baskets, Veggie Matchsticks, and Glorious Gratins

Easter and Passover Menus: From Nice to Greece

Food Jokes and Joke Foods


March 2000

The Dal Call: Indian Comfort Food

Spring Couture: Best-Dressed Asparagus

St. Patrick's Day Special

Carnaval & Mardi Gras Madness


February 2000

What Food Writers Read

Vietnamese Meals in Minutes

Valentine's Day Menus: Setting the Mood with Food

Asian New Year: Honoring the Kitchen God


January 2000

Last-Minute Dips and Southern Tips

Kickin' Dat Chitlin: A Southern Super Bowl Party

Gooder Than Grits

Dixie Shrimp: Just Call Me Bubba, Bubba

Top Recipes of 1999


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