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Ending the Year
Well Read and Fed...


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New Year's Buffet 
"We bring you the world on a plate"—this is the Global Gourmet's motto and mission. In glancing back through our 2000 archives, I have to say we've had a jolly good year.

In Kate's Global Kitchen, we've tasted Cozy Toasted Yellow Dal and Honored the Kitchen God. We've featured award-winning chefs like Thomas Keller, rode the open range with chuckwagon meals, and even dabbled with a bit of Olympic fare. Our trusty columnists have served up dozens of recipes for pasta and risotto, courtesy Nancy Caivano, and for chocolate from cacao maniac Stephanie Zonis—accompanied by an occasional rant from John Ryan and an elucidating look at food by Culinary Sleuth Lynn Kerrigan.

In this year's Cookbook Profiles, we've spotlighted some 45 cookbooks, each with several sample recipes for you to try at home. Cookbook authors are passionate people who work long and hard to bring you mouth-watering meals. Ours is not a deep-pocketed profession, not like being an oil mogul or Donald Trump, but we enjoy an artistic livelihood filled with the same care and giving that comes from a good home-cooked meal. If you like the sample recipes found in each Cookbook Profile, I strongly encourage you to support your favorite cookbook authors by buying their books. Just click on the "Buy the Book" links at the bottom of each profile or recipe.

So as we bid the year 2000 adieu, here are my picks for a world-food sampler—the best recipes from the year's cookbooks. Thank you all for reading the Global Gourmet, and I look forward to joining you again here for another twelve tasty months.

Happy New Year!
Kate Heyhoe

PS—Coming Soon: "Recipe for a Remodel"—where I give you blow-by-blow details of the Global Gourmet's Kitchen Remodel (aka: This Old Money Pit). This is a remodel from a cook's perspective, packed with functional design ideas and product information on the top materials, cookware and appliances to make yours into a true dream kitchen. Appearing here in January, February and March 2001.


A Global Tour of the Year's Best Tastes...

January:   Southwestern fare, simple and fancy...
Book:   Red Sage, by Mark Miler
Recipe:   Cowboy Coffee Crème Brûée

February:   Vietnamese essentials...
Book:   Authentic Vietnamese Cooking, by Corinne Trang
Recipe:   Peanut Dipping Sauce

March:   Modern Irish fare...
Book:   Gourmet Ireland, by Paul and Jeanne Rankin
Recipe:   Mussels with Potato and Garlic

April:   Indian—with a spin...
Book:   Raji Cuisine, by Raji Jallepalli
Recipe:   Roasted Leg of Lamb with Mint Chutney and Mint-Flavored Potatoes

May:   Mexico's hot tamales and more...
Book:   Mexican Cooking for Dummies by Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken
Recipe:   Carnitas Norteñas

June:   French Ooh-la-la!...
Book:   Simple French Desserts, by Jill O'Connor
Recipe:   Coeur à la Crème

July:   American cuisine picked by the queen...
Book:   An American Feast, with Julia Child and others
Recipe:   Fish Tacos from Baja California

August:   Italian homestyle favorites...
Book:   David Ruggerio's Italian Kitchen, by David Ruggerio
Recipe:   Potato Pizza

September:   Chinese made easy, by a master chef...
Book:   Martin Yan's Invitation to Chinese Cooking, by Martin Yan
Recipe:   Chicken in a Packet

October:   Mixing it up 'Down-Under'...
Book:   Fusions: A Look at New Australian Cooking, by Martin Webb & Richard Whittington
Recipe:   Slow-Cooked Chicken with Coconut and Whole Spices

November:   From mezzes to fezzes in the Middle East...
Book:   The New Book of Middle Eastern Food, by Claudia Rodin
Recipe:   Tomatoes Stuffed with Ground Meat, Currants, and Pine Nuts

December:   North Africa, where cuisines collide...
Book:   The Vegetarian Table: North Africa, by Kitty Morse
Recipe:   Garlic and Cheese Betzels
Kate's Global Kitchen for December, 2000:
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12/09/00     ...Gifts to Make...
12/16/00     ...Fancy Foods to Celebrate...
12/23/00     ...A New Year's Buffet to Do Ahead...
12/30/00     ...Ending the Year Well Read and Fed


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