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Quality Time: Cooking with Kids For Dummies

Cooking with Kids For Dummies 
Okay, I admit this is a shameless plug—but it really is a good book. I wrote it for busy parents looking for ways to connect with their kids. In fact, the 7-chapter cooking tutorial is so complete, many novice adult cooks use it to learn the basics and fundamental skills of cooking.

But don't take my word for it—visit the sample recipes at cookingwithkids.com and see the reviews at Amazon —then decide for yourself. (I think it makes a great gift for parents, kids and grandkids.)
Amazon's price: $17.99.


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Gifts to Buy...


Stocking Stuffers, and Gifts from $5 to $75

wineIn a Little Black Box: Classy Wine Stoppers, by Screwpull
After you've opened your wine, make sure none of it goes to waste with stoppers that are as classy as the best vintages. Pick from any of three brushed stainless, cone-shaped designs, all specially engineered with three rubber rings that create a perfect seal for any-sized bottle and won't react with wines... (click to continue)

Bowl Me Over: Chantal Mixing Bowls and Ramekins
There's something very primal about bowls. I collect them and am always searching for bowls with a perfect harmonious design, both visually and functionally. I love the Chantal set of ceramic mixing bowls. Their thick sides make them sturdy, good for whipping thick batters or rising bread dough. I also chill them for mixed salads—their heavy weight... (click to continue)

Chantal Mixing Bowls and RamekinsBaker's Friend: 9-Inch Deep Dish Pie Pan by Chantal
Thick or thin, sweet or savory, with one crust or two—pies come in endless varieties, and the pan they're made in can make all the difference. For a traditional deep-dish pie with classic scalloped edges, Chantal's ceramic 9-inch pie dish delivers...(click to continue)

Olive FarmTurkish Delights: Food Gifts from the Olive Farm
Premium olive oils, olives, spice blends, pine honey, apricots and smoky black tea—all from the fertile southwestern region of Turkey, where the Aegean and Mediterranean meet. The key here is 4-star quality: the olives are perfectly brined, the extra-virgin and virgin olive oils light and buttery, and the spices robustly fresh and intense...(click to continue)

Cooking with Kids For DummiesQuality Time: Cooking with Kids For Dummies
Okay, I admit this is a shameless plug—but it really is a good book. I wrote it for busy parents looking for ways to connect with their kids... (click to continue)

William Bounds Pepper MillsNot the Same Old Grind: William Bounds Pepper Mills
What's the most commonly used phrase in recipes? Season to taste—and these tasteful new pepper mills allow you to do just that, whether your mood is whimsical or serious... (click to continue)

TempForkTime's Up: Digital TempFork
As my regular readers know, I always emphasize using a thermometer to test for doneness. It's not only the most foolproof way to ensure foods are safely cooked, but it's also the best way to prevent overcooking. If you're looking for a snazzy stocking stuffer, one of my favorite gadgets is the Digital Tempfork...(click to continue)


Gifts Around $100

'Tarte Tatin' Anniversary PanCenter of Attention: 'Tarte Tatin' Anniversary Pan by Le Creuset
For something completely different and a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, the Anniversary Pan by Le Creuset is a versatile piece of cookware bound to inspire. It's designed to cook tarte tatin-style dishes, such as the classic Apple or Pear Tatin, but it also dishes up innovative recipes like Salmon Quiche...(click to continue)

Chilly Ice Cream MakerIce Cream Anytime: The Chilly Ice Cream Maker
Who cares if it's cold outside—ice cream tastes good anytime of year, especially home made ice cream. Forget the crank, the salt, or the motor: the Chilly Ice Cream Maker needs nothing but a freezer. Just freeze the specially constructed pot and lid overnight, add your ingredients and in less than 30 minutes...(click to continue)

Nonstick FrypansNonstick Pick: Frypans by Le Creuset
What did we ever do before nonstick pans? The problem with many of them though is they're not heavy enough, or they conduct the heat poorly. Not so with the Le Creuset Nonstick Frypan. I tried the 11-inch version, which has cast-iron construction and deep, practical, gently sloped sides, so it works as well with stir-fries as it does with browned chicken pieces...(click to continue)


Gifts From $100 to $300:

CoffeeTECWhipped Up Wake-Up Calls: Coffee Tech
Forget Starbucks—the Capresso CoffeeTEC gives you so much more, right in your own home or office. This machine does it all: It brews perfect coffee into a sleek thermal carafe in just eight minutes, whips milk into a frothy frenzy for lattes, cappucinos or even hot chocolate—in just 15 seconds—and is programmable...(click to continue)

Thermal CookerReady, Set, Cook—and Wait: Kuhn Rikon's Duromatic Thermal Cooker
Imagine whipping up a big pot of coq au vin, or a family-size batch of chili in minutes—easy to do with a pressure cooker, right? But take the dream further and imagine leaving the meal on the table for two hours and having it stay hot—no reheating necessary. This latest pressure cooker makes a busy host or busy family's dream come true: the cook can be out of the kitchen but the meal will still be ready to serve for hours...(click to continue)

Screwpull OpenerWine Time: Sculptured Screwpull Opener
The newest of the Screwpull wine openers isn't a piece of sculpture, but it sure looks like one. Capturing the same design features that won an earlier version placement in New York's Museum of Modern Art, the Excellence wine opener was exactly what I wanted for my newly remodeled drop-dead gorgeous kitchen (see it here in early 2001). Its sleek, ergonomic design fits the hand perfectly...click to continue)

FoodsaverSave the Day: Foodsaver by Tilia
Proper packaging is the key to freshness when storing foods. I can't tell you how many freezer-burned bags of meats and leftovers I've thrown out due to inadequate zipper bags. But not anymore. The Foodsaver vacuum packaging system seals out oxygen, preventing freezer-burn, rancidity, moisture and insects from damaging everything from frozen foods to nuts...(click to continue)

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