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Belgium White Veal Stew

Blanquette de Veau à l'ancienne
(2000 Sydney Olympic Games)

Recipe for 10 persons



2.5 kg shoulder of veal
5 liters bouillon of veal/poultry
Salt, pepper, thyme, laurel, garlic, cloves (bunch of herbs)
400 gr mushrooms
300 gr small white onions (to confit)
1 lemon
50 g butter
25 gr sugar, superfine
1/2 kg white roux
   (flour fried in butter—for binding the sauce)
2 big onions
2 dl fresh cream
1 bunch of parsley
500 gr rice plus 5 dl groundnut oil



1. Cut the meat in regular pieces.

2. Put it into the kettle with the cold veal bouillon.

3. Bring to the boil and add the bunch of herbs.

4. Simmer the meat slowly.

5. Cook the mushrooms and small onions (à blanc)

6. Glaze the onions.

7. Boil the rice in sufficient water with salt and the groundnut oil.

8. Remove the cooked meat and prepare a white sauce (velouté) with the sifted bouillon.

9. Refresh the rice.

10. Finish the sauce with the onions, the mushrooms, the meat and cream preparation.

11. Serve with chopped parsley and a rice timbale.


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