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Kickin' Dat Chitlin:
A Southern Super Bowl Party

by Kate Heyhoe


From the 50-yard line to the Mason-Dixon line, your Super Bowl table will reflect football *and* true Southern hospitality with this easy-to fix, authentic Georgia-style buffet....


Pass the Pigskin Menu

- Warm up:
Greet your guests with a platter of warm, sweet Jammy Biscuits, sticky buns made with peach jam and pecans.

- 1st quarter:
If you've never had fresh roasted Georgia peanuts, still warm in their shell, right out of the oven... then you've led a mighty poor life. Make-up for it during the first quarter, and wash it all down with true Mint Juleps.

Pass the Pigskin Menu - 2nd quarter:
Now that your team has worked up an appetite, rush out with a platter of Southern Spiced Shrimp. And don't feed those Hush Puppies to the dog! These golden fried morsels are much too good to pass to the pooch, even if he is man's best friend.

- Half-time Buffet:
Get ready for the fans to charge the table: Thin slices of Mustard-Ham, huddled around a mound of fluffy, rich Garlicky-Cheese Grits Soufflé , Tabasco-fueled Field Greens; and the ubiquitous Southern good-luck charm, tart and tangy Hoppin' John Salad.

- 3rd quarter:
Give it a rest, gang—dessert's coming up next.

- 4th quarter:
How sweet it is! Whether your team's headed for victory or defeat, this Chocolate Pecan Pie will cause cheers of decadent delight among all the fans.

Now for some Northern-Southern fun...

You might be a Yankee if...

You think okra is a talk show host...
If you prefer bagels to biscuits...
If you've never seen kitchen appliances on the front porch...
If you think "cuber" is a country...
You think kudzu is a martial art...
You think Tater Log is a theme park ride...
You don't call men "son" or women "little lady."

Not all Southerners are rednecks, but if you're not sure, here's a few tips:

You might be a redneck if...

You buy a bug zapper and 6-pack for entertainment...
Your family tree does not fork...
You think Dom Perignon is a Sopranos character...
You hammer bottle caps to the front door to make it look nice...
Your favorite uncle is your dad...
Your coffee table used to be a cable spool...
Barbecued Spam is your specialty.


Southern Super Bowl Menu:

Jammy Biscuits
Homemade Hot Roasted Peanuts
Mint Juleps
Chilled Southern Spiced Shrimp
Hush Puppies
Garlicky Cheese Grits Souffle
Hoppin' John Salad
Sweet Mustard-Glazed Ham
Tabasco-Fueled Field Goal Greens
Chocolate Pecan Pie


Ya'll come back next week for Last Minute Dips and more Southern fun!

Kate Heyhoe


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