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Easy, Exotic Indian Buffet

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Warm up your holiday party with an Indian-inspired buffet—a tame one that's rich in flavor but not too fiery. There's an art to creating a workable buffet. For people to eat comfortably while standing or seated with their plate on their laps, the host must devise a menu that can be eaten without a knife. And buffet finger foods don't work for me: I can't clean my fingers and still hold the plate comfortably.


For me, the best buffet is one that requires only a fork, no other utensils, and is perfectly seasoned, without the need for added salt and pepper. This column's menu meets my requirements of the perfect buffet: these "fork only" foods are bite-size, easy to eat, exotically seasoned but not overwhelming, complement each other in look, texture and taste, and are all makeable in advance. They also keep well on the table without losing quality, warmed by a chafing dish or heated trivet.

The curry fills the house with the sultry aromas of the Spice Islands—ginger, cloves, cinnamon, and black pepper. Accompany it with the festive hues of golden saffron rice and a minty, shredded pale green salad. If desired, mini-pita breads or pita-bread chips can round out the meal, and some choice nibbles like curry-toasted pecans and cucumber spears with lime juice and chile powder can keep your guests munching until the buffet is served.


Easy, Exotic Indian Buffet for Eight

For dessert, pickup some Coconut Macaroons from your favorite bakery and let your guests refresh their palates with Ginger Kisses.  

Fred McMillin, who writes our On Wine column, picks a few wines for the India buffet...whites and reds that are not too severe. Click on a wine name to learn more.

Kate's Holiday Gift Suggestion:

Wusthof-Trident Mezzaluna  

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Easy, Exotic Indian Buffet

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