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Fighting Fall Out:
Summer Don't Go!

by Kate Heyhoe


The transition from summer to fall is like walking out of a dark movie theatre into bright daylight. Wham! Reality sure changes fast, or least our lifestyles do.

For most of us, remnants of summer vacation have already been packed into closets, drawers and boxes... airline ticket stubs, gas receipts, and 36-roll images captured on film. Lawn chairs, swim suits, and sunscreen. Barbecue sauce, dill pickles, and canned tuna—foods that once greeted us daily now get pushed to the back of the shelf, making only sporadic appearances until the sun burns high in the sky again.

I can't believe how early kids go back to school these days! Back in antiquity when I grew up, summer vacation lasted way past Labor Day. But now, kids pack the classrooms as early as the beginning of August. How cruel! Weather-wise, August is still summer, and the beach still beckons.

Fall Speaking of weather, what a wacky summer this has been. Heat waves became instruments of torture in the East and Mid-West, but in California and the West, we've never had such a cool season. I can count on one hand the number of times I've grilled at night—solely because the mountain temperatures plunged as soon as the sun dropped. I'm writing this column in mid-August, and at 5,500 feet up in the San Bernardino National Forest, I'm wearing three layers of clothes and hoping the temperature climbs to at least 60 degrees by noon. Whacky!

But getting back to September, I'm not yet ready to jump into fall foods (I'm still yearning for barbecue, picnics, and patio parties). Still, I know many of you are facing the reality of autumn work and school schedules. So, here's a few quick 'n' easy recipes to bridge the transition of seasons. They're suitable for temperate weather—a last thrill at the grill, a near-instant potato salad, and a cucumber dressing that doubles as a marinade.

These recipes are from my book, Cooking with Kids For Dummies, which is really a lifestyle book. Last spring's school tragedies made parents sit up and take notice: keeping in touch with their kids needs to be a family priority. I believe that the daily activities of cooking, dining, and shopping together can be fun ways for family members to connect, and this book shows you how. Even busy non-parents who want to learn how to cook are finding it a great resource, with its 7-chapter cooking tutorial and the easy, tasty under-30-minute recipes.

So, as I tiptoe (somewhat reluctantly) into the coming of fall, these recipes from Cooking with Kids For Dummies are my final adieu to summer, a last embrace before welcoming the cooler weather's winter squashes, crispy roasts, and warming stews.

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Family recipes from Cooking with Kids For Dummies:


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