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Peel 'n' Eat Mexican Shrimp

by Kate Heyhoe


Serves 2 to 3 as a snack or appetizer

All you need for this recipe are fingers, foil, and three main ingredients—shrimp, salt, and lime. You can get fancier by adding chile powder, ground cumin, cilantro, garlic, butter and/or olive oil, but the basic recipe is hard to beat just the way it is. This technique is based on Mexican food authority Diana Kennedy's method of cooking shrimp: just wrap it in foil with salt and lime and bake for 20 minutes. The foil captures the sweet juices of the shrimp, which are best sopped up by hunks of crusty bread.  

Ingredients and steps:


Heat oven to 350 degrees F. Line a baking dish with a length of foil, letting the sides extend about 3 inches on each end. Place the shrimp in the foil and toss with the lime juice and salt. Pull the sides of foil up, seal completely, and bake 20 minutes. Carefully open the foil, keeping the juices from spilling. Serve in the foil when the shrimp are cool enough to handle, accompanied by bolillos (Mexican rolls) or crusty bread for sopping up the juices. Don't forget to put out a bowl to catch the shrimp shells. And napkins.





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