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Corn-Husk Grilled
Mango-Skin Salmon

by Kate Heyhoe


This flavorful salmon can be served warm, but I love it cold as part of a salad. The flavors meld well with Salmon in Mango Escabeche, or serve it on greens and jicama with a Mango Vinaigrette. Save the skins when peeling mangoes and use them to protect the surface of the salmon in this recipe, or use fresh corn husks.


Ingredients and steps:

1 pound salmon fillet, boneless but with skin on
fresh corn husks from 1 to 2 ears corn
mango skins (optional)


Heat a grill until medium hot.

Place a baking sheet on the counter and line with a sheet of foil. Place a double layer of corn husks down in an area about the size of the fillet. Set the fillet on top of the corn husks. Arrange a layer of mango skins (flesh-side down) on top of the fish, or use more corn husks. Pull the sides of the foil up and around the fish, leaving the foil open at top and loosely crimped on the sides. Slide the foil packet onto the hot grill, several inches away from the flame. Cook until the fish flakes and is barely translucent in the center. Remove the mango skins and corn husks before serving.





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