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From Kate's Global Kitchen mailbag...

Hi, Kate!

You can call me Willie. As you probably know Mother's Day is coming up and I wanted to cook something for her. My problem is that it needs to be inexpensive, I have to be able to make it without her knowing, plus I'm only 10 years old. Have any ideas? Please e-mail me back.



Hi, Willie!

That's so cool that you want to cook something for your mom. But keeping it a surprise can be tough, especially if you plan to use the stove. Here's a few ideas that will show your mom how special she is without using the stove. They also won't cost break your allowance, and they aren't too difficult to create (or hard to hide when you're making them as a surprise)...


Hope you and your mom have a great Mom Day—let me know how it turns out!

Kate Heyhoe


For an elegant Mother's Day Menu that dads and kids can make together, pick up Kate Heyhoe's book Cooking with Kids for Dummies. It features easy but delicious recipes that can be prepared in advance, including Poached Pink Salmon, Asparagus with Grainy Mustard Sauce, Orange-Scented Couscous, and Tropical Berry Ambrosia. Try these and other recipes out at cookingwithkids.com.

The Cooking with Kids for Dummies book also contains a portable Dad's Day Summer Picnic with kid-friendly recipes for Grilled Ruby-Red Grapefruit Chicken, Cool-as-a-Cucumber Dressing and salad, Faster-than-5 Black Bean Salsa, and luscious Peach Cobbler. Yum!


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