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Cookies For Kids' Cancer Best Bake Sale Cookbook by Gretchen Holt-Witt with Sally Sampson, includes recipes like Adina's Classic Black-And-White Cookies; Melanie Karmazin's Eggnog Cupcakes; and Dark Rich Mocha-Glazed Brownies.

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Cookies For Kids' Cancer
Best Bake Sale Cookbook

by Gretchen Holt-Witt with Sally Sampson


Cookies For Kids' Cancer Best Bake Sale Cookbook, a delicious collection of nearly 70 bake sale favorites from Cookies for Kids' Cancer supporter Gretchen Holt-Witt and cookbook author Sally Sampson, includes recipes for cookies, brownies, cupcakes, scones, candies and more, with over 80 gorgeous color photographs throughout.

Cookies for Kids' Cancer was inspired by Gretchen Holt-Witt, whose life changed in an instant in 2007 when her 2-1/2 year-old son Liam was diagnosed with pediatric cancer. She was shocked at the lack of information and treatment options, especially considering the disease claims more lives than any other disease afflicting children in the United States. Armed with the determination of a mom on a mission plus the knowledge that funds for research mean more treatment options, better survival rates, and hope for the future, Gretchen set the lofty goal of baking and selling 96,000 cookies during the holidays, all in the name of funding research for pediatric cancer. That first bake sale brought in more than $420,000.

After the ovens cooled from that first heroic effort, requests for more cookies along with offers to help poured in. Gretchen knew she was onto something. She and her husband Larry answered the call to action by starting Cookies for Kids' Cancer, a national non-profit that inspires people to host bake sales of all sizes. Now, everyone can chip in for the cause with the Cookies For Kids' Cancer Best Bake Sale Cookbook.

With this book, a sweet tooth is more than an opportunity to indulge in a treat—it's a chance to help kids in need: all of the author's proceeds from the book will go directly to Cookies for Kids' Cancer.

Inside you'll find recipes for some of the most requested and popular bake sale treats:

  • Cookies—Perhaps the most popular and portable bake sale treat, top treats include Tried-and-True Sparkly Ginger Snaps (crumble a few cookies for a delicious ice cream topping) or Almost Black They're So Cocoa Cookies (with a peppermint stick variation that's perfect at the holidays)
  • Brownies & Bars—Kids will flock to Classic—You Can't Have a Bake Sale Without—Crispy Rice Treats, while grown-ups will appreciate the good-for-you charm of Fresh Apple-Cranberry Bars (great for morning bake sales!)
  • CupcakesCoconut Cupcakes with Seven-Minute Frosting make a beautiful addition to a Spring bake sale, while decadent Mocha Cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache make a truly adult indulgence (garnish with a whole coffee bean to keep kiddies away from this coffee-laden treat)

Readers will even discover recipes for unusual treats like Chocolate-Covered Caramel-Laced Matzo and White Chocolate Pistachio Bark—sure to be stand-outs as gifts or at their own bake sale.

Cookies For Kids' Cancer Best Bake Sale Cookbook is more than just a recipe collection. Witt brings together dozens of inspiring stories and photographs from supporters coast to coast who hosted bake sales over the years. She also includes plenty of tips for hosting a successful bake sale—from signage and marketing, packaging and pricing, and everything in between—so that readers should walk away inspired and empowered to host their own Cookies for Kids' Cancer bake sale.

With experience, passion, heart, and great stories from bake sale hosts, this cookbook was created to inspire more bake sales as well as directly benefit this amazing charity. To get involved in the cause or learn more, visit www.cookiesforkidscancer.org.

About the Author

Gretchen Holt-Witt, founder of Cookies for Kids' Cancer, has worked with clients from a variety of industries, but found her "home" working with a wide-range of housewares brands, including Hamilton Beech/Proctor-Silex, Chicago Cutlery, Circulon, Anolon, and KitchenAid Cookware, and is now the director of public relations strategies for OXO in New York City. In 2007, Witt's career achievements took a back seat when her son Liam was diagnosed with pediatric cancer. Committed to doing all she could to bring attention to a need many people aren't aware of, she and her husband founded Cookies for Kids' Cancer, raising millions of dollars to date. Witt was named one of Women's Day magazine's 50 "Women Who Are Changing the World" in January 2010 and was honored by Traditional Home magazine at the 2010 Classic Woman Awards.

Cookies for Kids' Cancer was founded by parents inspired by their son's fight against cancer. Today pediatric cancer remains the number one disease killer of children in the United States, due in large part to a lack of funding for research into new and improved therapies. Through the concept of local bake sales and online cookie sales, Cookies for Kids' Cancer inspires individuals, organizations, and businesses to join in the fight against pediatric cancer by raising the funds and awareness necessary to change the facts of pediatric cancer and provide more families with the hope they deserve. Cookies for Kids' Cancer grants funds raised to leading pediatric cancer research facilities including Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Texas Children's Cancer Center, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and Dana Farber Cancer Center. For more information, visit www.cookiesforkidscancer.org.

  • Cookies For Kids' Cancer: Best Bake Sale Cookbook
  • by Gretchen Holt-Witt with Sally Sampson
  • Wiley 2011
  • 176 pages; Hardcover; $19.99
  • ISBN: 0470947616
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-470-94761-6
  • Information provided by the publisher.

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Cookies For Kids' Cancer


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