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Chocolates and Confections at Home by Peter P. Greweling and The Culinary Institute of America, includes recipes like Almond Dragees; Green Tea Truffles; and Rochers; and techniques like Dry Sugar Cooking and Tempering Chocolate.


Dry Sugar Cooking Technique

Technique: Dry Sugar Cooking (Carmelizing Sugar)

The dry sugar cooking technique is used only when making caramel; it cannot be used to make any intermediate stages of sugar cookery such as soft ball, hard crack, and so on. In this technique, the sugar is placed without water in a saucepan on direct heat, and the crystals are melted rather than dissolved in water. The dry sugar technique is particularly well suited to smaller amounts of sugar.

1. Rub granulated sugar with lemon juice, if desired. A small amount of lemon juice will help to ensure a lump-free caramel. A few drops per cup of sugar are all that is required.

2. Preheat the saucepan. Preheating for several minutes will greatly speed the process.

3. Pour sugar into the pan and begin stirring immediately. Stirring is necessary in order for the sugar to heat uniformly and to reach its melting point all at once so that lumps are avoided.

4. Stir the sugar on the heat until all crystals have melted and the caramel is the desired color. The darker the caramel is, the stronger and more bitter the flavor will be.


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