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Learn ingenious tricks for making cookies with Cookie Craft by Valerie Peterson and Janice Fryer, including recipes for Easter and Spring Cookies and for Halloween Cookies; and decorating techniques like Using Fondant.

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Halloween Cookies

Halloween Cookies

There's a nip in the air. The leaves are crackling underfoot. Ghosts and witches will soon be knocking at your front door. These are omens that the prime baking season is about to begin! Treat your favorite tricksters with spooky cookies— or host a cookie craft party for home-based Halloween fun.

Halloween Cookies

Cookies Featured
1 Black cat; 2 Sparkly ghost; 3 Jack-o'-lantern; 4 Skull; 5 Silver-eyed bat; 6 Orange spiderweb; 7 Silver-eyed bat; 8 Tombstone with pumpkin; 9 Orange spiderweb; 10 Owl; 11 Orange-eyed bat; 12 Tombstone


Decorating Instructions

1 Black Cat Layer 1: Pipe and flood. Layer 2: Pipe face and paw details on dry flood. For a simpler cookie, pipe the face and paws on a naked chocolate cookie.

2 Sparkly Ghost Pipe and flood; flood dots on wet flood for face; sugar when flood is wet.

3 Jack-O'-Lantern Prebaking: Color dough orange. After baking: Pipe and flood face. For more jack-o'-lantern inspirations, see the Thanksgiving pumpkins that follow.

4 Skull Pipe and flood; flood eyes and nose on wet flood. Pipe mouth on wet flood.

5 Silver-Eyed Bat Prebaking: Imprint lines on wings; insert dragee eyes.

6 Orange Spiderweb Pipe and flood; flood circles on wet flood; draw toothpick through black circles.

7 Silver-Eyed Bat See cookie 5.

8 Tombstone with Pumpkin Pipe and flood each cookie separately. For tombstone: Use food-safe marker on dry flood. For pumpkin: Pipe details on dry flood. When both cookies are dry, attach pumpkin to tombstone with piping icing. Tip: When an easelback is affixed, tombstones make great place cards for Halloween parties. Write a clever "epitaph," such as "Here sits Scott." See chapter 7 for how-tos.

9 Orange Spiderweb See cookie 6.

10 Owl Pipe and flood; flood lines for wings on wet flood; draw toothpick through. Flood dark eye circles on wet flood; pipe irises and beak on wet flood.

11 Orange-Eyed Bat Pipe wing detail; sugar on wet piping. Pipe eyes.

12 Tombstone Pipe and flood. Use food-safe marker on dry flood. Write a clever "epitaph," such as "Here sits Scott."


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