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In Southern Cakes, Nancie McDermott offers a tempting selection of cake recipes, including Japanese Fruitcake, Old Fashioned Chocolate Fudge Frosting, and Kathy Starr's Mississippi Delta Jelly Cake.

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Southern Cakes
Sweet and Irresistable Recipes
for Everyday Celebrations

by Nancie McDermott

Southern Cakes
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Feast your eyes and tantalize your taste buds on some of the tastiest cakes you'll ever sink your fork into.

From the chocolatey goodness of Mississippi Mud to the elegance of the Lady Baltimore, Southerners sure know how to bake a cake. Southern Cakes presents the best of the best with 65 recipes for some of the most delicious cakes ever.

Jam cakes and jelly rolls; humble pear bread and peanut cake; whole chapters on both chocolate and coconut cakes; not to mention Eudora Welty's own bourbon-soaked white fruitcake—each moist and delicious forkful represents the hospitality and welcome-to-the-South sensibility we all know and love.

A Baking 101 section explains the basics of cake baking, some finishing touches (that means frosting and lots of it!), and the how-to's of storing each lovely cake so that the last slice tastes as fresh and delightful as the first.

About the Author

Nancie McDermott is a food writer and cooking teacher. She has contributed recipes and feature stories on food and travel to Food & Wine, Bon Appetit, Cook's Illustrated, FoodArts and newspapers around the country including the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Los Angeles Times. She travels around the country teaching cooking classes and is a frequent television guest chef.

Becky Luigart-Stayner is a senior photographer at Cooking Light magazine. Other clients include Coastal Living and Southern Accents magazines. She lives in Birmingham, Alabama.


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Southern Cakes



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