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Improve the quality of your baking with the King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking cookbook. Excerpts include 10 Ways to Get More Whole Grains Into Your Life and What Apples Are Best for Baking plus recipes for Apple-Raspberry Oat Crumble and Devil's Food Cake.

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King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking
Delicious Recipes Using Nutritious Whole Grains

King Arthur Flour Company has reigned supreme over the world of baking since it was first founded in 1790. For more than two centuries, the company has dedicated itself to the production of the finest flour and the education of home bakers everywhere. With its new cookbook, King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking, King Arthur demystifies whole grains and introduces home bakers to new flours, new flavors and new categories of whole grain baked goods.

Breathing new life into breads, cakes, pastries and more, this revolutionary cookbook transforms the dark, dense alchemy of whole grains into lively, flavorful, sweet and savory treats of all types. Thousands of hours were spent testing the recipes in the book, making sure that each one met King Arthur Flour's high standards. The final result is more than 400 delicious, inviting, and foolproof recipes that have earned a place in Whole Grain Baking—the next generation whole grain cookbook that will change the way every baker thinks about whole grains. Like its award-winning predecessors, 2004's The King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion and 2005's The King Arthur Flour Cookie Companion, Whole Grain Baking shares the company's expertise in the form of helpful tips, how-to illustrations, sidebars on history and lore, as well as the recipes.

Whole Grain Baking explores the nutritious world of whole grains such as oats, spelt and barley flour, explaining what each one is, how it performs and what to make with it. Each chapter is devoted to a different classification of baked goods—from breakfast items, to quick breads; crisps, cobblers and puddings; flatbreads and crackers; yeast breads; sourdough; cookies and bars; cakes; pies and quiche, and pastry. Resulting recipes include such items as Thai Chicken Pita, Coconut Scones, Dark Beer and Barley Bread, Cranberry Orange Spelt Muffins, Westphalian Rye Bread, Peanut Butter Marshmallow-Crunch Cookies, and Hearty Roasted Vegetable Pockets. In addition, an easy-to-follow chart of grain-to-water ratios—with detailed techniques for cooking, soaking, boiling, hot soaks and sprouting—provides an all-in-one reference to ensure quick comprehension of whole grain baking.

King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking proves that home bakers no longer need to sacrifice taste and texture for the nutritional benefits of whole grains, and instead can create light, flaky croissants; airy cakes; moist brownies; dreamy piecrusts, and scrumptious cookies—all made healthier with whole grains. And as world-renowned pastry chef and chocolatier Jacques Torres states, "If anyone can mainstream whole grain baking, it's the folks at King Arthur Flour."

About King Arthur Flour

King Arthur Flour is not only the nation's oldest flour company, it is the single largest educator of home bakers in the world. Founded in 1790 and employee-owned since 1996, the company conducts national baking-class tours that provide free instruction to thousands of bakers across the country, as well as instruction through its baking education center in Vermont. In 2004, The King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion won the James Beard Foundation's coveted KitchenAid Cookbook of the Year award. In 2005, the King Arthur Flour Cookie Companion was nominated for an IACP award. The company's expertise has been featured in many national publications, including Food & Wine, the New York Times, and People. Its headquarters are in Norwich Vermont.


King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking
Delicious Recipes Using Nutritious Whole Grains

Countryman Press
Hardcover; 544 pages; $35.00
ISBN: 0881507199
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