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Amazing Dairy-Free Desserts

A Comprehensive Collection of Dairy-Free Desserts
and Information for all Occasions

by Penny Wantuck Eisenberg

Amazing Dairy-Free Desserts Many people living with lactose intolerance find the temptation of holiday parties and family gatherings almost too much to bear.

A plate of cookies can be a minefield full of butter. A beautifully frosted cake can send them home feeling anything but beautiful. At the times of the year where we celebrate with food, those with restricted diets and food allergies often feel left out. The desire to indulge and enjoy the sweeter side of life goes beyond the traditional holidays—it lasts all year.

But now, those suffering from lactose intolerance and dairy allergies can have their cake and eat it too. Amazing Dairy-Free Desserts: A Comprehensive Collection of Dairy-Free Desserts and Information for all Occasions is a unique cookbook filled with easy-to-prepare, rich-tasting desserts. The book features carefully selected and taste-tested non-dairy ingredients in a user-friendly format. The cookbook, which is also kosher, is a perfect addition to any culinary library.

"Writing this book has been a great pleasure because, like 50 million other Americans, I am lactose intolerant," says Eisenberg. "As a food professional, who must sometimes use dairy, I've had many uncomfortable hours after consuming it, and know all too well the pain and embarrassment of this problem. I developed the recipes in this cookbook carefully so that those suffering as I do will know that what comes out of their kitchen is safe to eat. In fact, these desserts are so good no one will know they are dairy-free."

Eisenberg has included important information for people suffering from milk allergies: what's safe to eat, what to stay away from, and where to buy products. Readers will also find general information on ingredient selection and preparation technique.

"All of these original, from-scratch recipes have been crafted with love in my home kitchen, using the appliances that you would have in your own home kitchen. They have not been reduced from commercial recipes, nor have they been collected from friends and family. Each recipe has been tested and re-tested to create the best taste and texture possible."

Amazing Dairy-Free Desserts contains non-dairy confections perfect for every time of year, including special occasions and holidays. Recipes include:

About the Author

Penny Eisenberg has been a caterer and cooking instructor for nearly 25 years. Her specialties include Jewish cooking and desserts, low-fat desserts and dairy-free desserts. Ms. Eisenberg studied basic French cooking with a Cordon Bleu chef, and then went on to learn advanced baking techniques from professional magazines and books. She is the author of two Jewish cookbooks: Light Jewish Holiday Desserts and Passover Desserts. A recognized authority on specialty diets, Ms. Eisenberg has lectured at Johnson & Wales University, and is one of 33 women featured in a book called "The Secret to Their Success: How 33 Women Made Their Dreams Come True", published by Carolina Women's Press.

Ms. Eisenberg is a graduate of Boston University and North Bennet Street Industrial School. She has lived and studied in New York City, Paris, Madrid, and Boston. For the past 25 years she has lived in Charlotte, North Carolina, with her husband, two children, and a slew of dogs and cats. In addition to cooking and writing, Ms. Eisenberg volunteers at Crisis Assistance Ministry and is an avid (but untalented) golfer.


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Amazing Dairy-Free Desserts
A Comprehensive Collection of Dairy-Free Desserts and Information for all Occasions
by Penny Wantuck Eisenberg
Surris Books
Trade Paperback; $24.95
ISBN: 978-09779617-9-5
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Amazing Dairy-Free Desserts




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