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True Blueberry
Recipes for Soups, Salads, Desserts, and More

by Linda Danneberg


True Blueberry It's hard not to love the blueberry. Tiny, compact, gorgeously blue, with a smooth skin bunched into a ruffled crown on top, the blueberry has a subtle, sweet flavor that is totally transformed and intensified by the alchemy of heat in a wide variety of dishes, sauces, and sweets. Not only does the blueberry taste good, but recent studies have shown that they are good for you. Blueberries are low in carbohydrates and a great source of fiber, Vitamin C, and antioxidants that are believed to help in preventing cancers and heart disease as well as lowering cholesterol and combating aging.

Everything blueberry comes together in Linda Dannenberg's new cookbook that celebrates the wonders of this little fruit. True Blueberry: Recipes for Soups, Salads, Desserts, and More is the only book that you will need in creating delicious sauces and compotes, salads and breads, entrees, and desserts—and even drinks—that clearly show that blueberries are not just for breakfast anymore.

The recipes are very flexible in using fresh, dried, and frozen blueberries, which means that you can enjoy these delicious dishes year-round. Featured among the 80 recipes in the book are such winning creations as Lemon-Ricotta Pancakes with Blueberry-Peach Compote; Fennel, Arugula, Orange, and Blueberry Salad, Blueberry-Sage Turkey Loaves, Juicy Blue-Burgers, Cornmeal-Crusted Snapper with Spicy Blueberry Compote, Blueberry Mousse, and a Blueberry Martini that is the perfect before or after dinner cocktail.

Dannenberg pays homage to her favorite berry with True Blueberry. In addition to providing a short history of the berry, she features among her original recipes those from other blueberry-loving home cooks as well as renowned chefs like Alain Ducasse and Debra Ponzek and venerable restaurants such as Moody's Diner in the heart of Maine's blueberry country.

With True Blueberry, your new culinary creations at home will not only improve the flavor of dull meals, but will possibly improve your health. Move over apples, it's now the blueberry that keeps the doctor away.

About the Author

Linda Dannenberg writes about European cuisine, travel, and decorative arts for numerous publications including Wine Spectator and Travel & Leisure. She is also the author of Perfect Vinaigrettes, also published by Stewart, Tabori & Chang. She lives in Katonah, New York.


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True Blueberry
Recipes for Soups, Salads, Desserts, and More

by Linda Danneberg
Photographs by Zeva Oelbaum
Stewart, Tabori & Chang
Hardcover; $22.50 ($33.95 Canada)
128 pages; 80 recipes; 25 full-color photographs
ISBN: 1-58479-417-8
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True Blueberry



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