I Love Desserts


by Pippa Cuthbert and Lindsay Cameron Wilson


Juice! Breathtakingly bright flavor will be yours with this vibrant collection of 110 juice recipes! These juices are fresh. They burst with life. They suit the many parts of your day.

Juice! begins with get-you-moving recipes, brings you hunger-quenchers at noon, suggests energizers for the slower hours, and offers relaxers during your evening.

These alcohol-free recipes bring you tantalizing drinks for any time—Blackberry Pie, Beetroot Zinger, Ginger Glory, Aromatic Soother, Tuscan Nectar, and 105 more.

Beside the spirited juices, the book offers helpful information about their nutritional benefits and the juicers and/or blenders you'll need to prepare these delectable drinks.

About the Authors

Pippa Cuthbert was born in New Zealand. Her degrees in Nutrition and Food Science, and her passion for food and travel, led her to London where she is now based. Pippa works as a freelance food stylist, food writer and recipe developer, both in New Zealand and in the U.K. She enjoys spending any spare time traveling the world in search of new culinary adventures.

Lindsay Cameron Wilson is from eastern Canada. After a year spent living and eating in the south of France, Lindsay's love for writing and her passion for food led her to cooking school, then on to a degree in journalism. She lives in London and works as a food writer, recipe tester and stylist.


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by Pippa Cuthbert and Lindsay Cameron Wilson
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$15.95, paperback, 176 pages
ISBN: 1-56148-425-3
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