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125 Best Ice Cream Recipes

by Marilyn Linton and Tanya Linton


Ice Cream

It's a hazy, hot, humid day. What everybody needs is a dish of cold, creamy, tongue-teasing, palate-pleasing strawberry ice cream. Or maybe chocolate. Wait, wait...vanilla is all that will do. Maybe with a drizzle of Cold Chocolate Espresso Sauce...

With a copy of 125 Best Ice Cream Recipes by Marilyn Linton and Tanya Linton in hand, everyone can enjoy their favorites every day. This mother-daughter tearn has compiled a veritable treasure trove of luscious chilled desserts to suit every taste. "But ice cream isn't just a dessert," say the authors. "Try Tomato Basil Ice as a first course during a heat wave. Or Waffles with Banana Ice Cream for breakfast."

Modern and affordable ice cream makers make it easy to produce a fresh quart every day. "We think one of the reasons why ice cream makers are increasingly popular is that more and more of us are concerned about the components of our food," say the mother-daughter team. "You can make sure the ingredients are exactly what you want. You can make it organic if that's important; low fat if weight or cholesterol is an issue; or nut-free if allergies are a concern."

125 Best Ice Cream Recipes contains traditional favorites like Old Fashioned Vanilla, Classic Chocolate, Peach, and Butter Pecan Ice Cream, along with piquant variations such as Apricot, Banana Toffee, Cherries and Cream, Chestnut, and Avocado Ice Cream. The more adventurous cook might relish Fig Chutney, Roasted Garlic, or Rice Pudding Ice Cream.

In addition, the authors offer, a tantalizing assortment of luscious recipes for ices, gelatos, sorbets, granitas, plus drinks and ice pops. Savor Apple Muscat Ice; Cantaloupe Ice; Pear Cardamom Sorbet; Strawberry Pineapple Sorbet; and delicious low-fat options like Banana Soy Freeze; Chocolate Honey Low-Fat Frozen Yogurt; and Raspberry Buttermilk Ice Cream. Or how about a Lemon Martini Ice Pop or Tequila Orange Granita as a cool alternative at cocktail time?

Those who like yummy toppings can try sauces like Hot Fudge, Cold Chocolate Espresso, Blueberry, Apple Brown Betty or Riesling Peach Coulis.

Enhanced by 16 pages of full-color photographs, 125 Best Ice Cream Recipes provides an ambrosial array of dandy delights for ice cream lovers of all ages.

About the Authors

Marylyn Linton is a journalist and author whose 25 years of experience includes articles and books on food, lifestyle, and health. She is a columnist and has been a food and design editor for magazines.

Tanya Linton is a television producer as well as a freelance writer on food and design. Her newest venture is a new show called "Sugar" which airs on the Food Network in Canada.


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by Marilyn Linton and Tanya Linton
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125 Best Ice Cream Recipes



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