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Apricot-Almond Sundae

Generous 1/2 cup, about 4 servings


A very simple topping for an easy, yet sophisticated sundae. Not one for the kids, as it contains alcohol. This topping is a pretty contrast atop the chocolate chip ice cream; I'd imagine you could serve it over vanilla fudge ice cream or even a good chocolate, if you'd prefer. You'll need a food processor.


1/2 cup stirred, good-quality apricot preserves
2 Tbsp. almond liqueur (such as Amaretto)

For Serving:
Good-quality chocolate chip ice cream OR
   frozen yogurt (see recipe in this edition)

Optional Garnish:
Whipped cream
Semisweet chocolate chips or chunks
Toasted, cooled, sliced almonds


After measuring preserves, scrape into workbowl of food processor fitted with steel blade. Process at highest speed until fruit chunks are broken up and preserves are almost smooth (you'll see small flecks of apricot in the preserves—OK). Turn into small, heavy-bottomed, nonaluminum saucepan. Place over low heat and stir often until preserves come to a boil (there will be a layer of foam on top—OK). Remove from heat; stir in liqueur (the layer of foam should subside as you do). Serve warm (not hot) or cold.

Store, covered, in refrigerator for up to 5 days. To serve, spoon atop portions of suggested ice cream or frozen yogurt (to warm, pour only as much as you'll need into a small, heavy-bottomed, nonaluminum saucepan. Heat over low heat, stirring often, just until warm.) If desired, garnish with whipped cream, almonds, and/or chocolate chips.

Sliced almonds look like thin shavings of the whole nuts. Do not confuse them with slivered almonds, which are chunky oblongs.


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