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Ice CreamAn old song proclaims, "Summertime, and the livin' is easy...", and what better way to help make that true than with recipes that require minimal or no cooking? Following are some cool treats that can really help you chill out, so let's get into the kitchen!

This is my final edition of "I Love Chocolate" for the Global Gourmet. I have done this column for over four years now, which I can hardly believe. Once more, I'd like to thank Kate and TW for their untiring work in promoting greater knowledge and exploration of the many foods in this world, and, as always, thanks to my family for their never-ending support. My gratitude also goes out to you, my readers, for your many wonderful comments and questions; without you and your responses to my writing, this column would not have gone on. Keep on cooking, everybody—and keep on working with chocolate! Let's get into the kitchen! and Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there.


Chocolate Find of the Month:

Is there anyone who doesn't enjoy ice cream at this time of year? I sincerely hope not! I can find many ice cream flavors geared toward the tastes of the younger set, but Reed's Ginger Ice Cream is a bit different. The hand-packed pints contain ginger purée as well as crystallized baby ginger, and the ice cream, available in original, chocolate, and green tea flavors, isn't overly-sweet. The chocolate variety is a light chocolate ice cream flecked with chocolate shavings, and the chocolate taste combined with the lively flavor of ginger makes for a refreshing combination.

Reed's Ginger Ice Cream is available in hand-packed pints, and it's made in the U.S. by a family-owned dairy whose cows are in transition to organic certification. The milk and cream used to make these products are also GBH-free, definitely a step in the right direction. (As a sidenote, Reed's also makes some genuine, old-fashioned, brewed ginger ale, and some very fine crystallized ginger perfect for baking. Check out their website at www.reedsgingerbrew.com.) In the meantime, the best place to find Reed's Ginger Ice Cream is at: www.icecreamsource.com. Definitely worth a try!


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