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by Stephanie Zonis


Mother's Day and Graduation


Flowers bloom in earnest, nestlings learn to fly, and warmer weather is here. Put aside the innumerable trials of motherhood and/or academia for just a moment to savor some not-too-complicated chocolate desserts. Let's get into the kitchen—and Happy Mother's Day, Mom.


Chocolate Find of the Month:


I protest! This month's Chocolate Find, Swiss-Master Chocolatier of Toronto, Canada, has a most unfair website. It isn't enough that the homepage hits you with a paragraph about their fresh cream truffles; the company has to go further and include appealing photos of their boutique and some of their products. Even the descriptions are enough to make me want to hop a flight northward. Swiss-Master Chocolatier also sells nut clusters, double-dipped chocolate covered fruits, and (something they don't make terribly clear on the site at this point) assortments. I have had an assortment from them before, and the designs of the chocolates were amazing, ranging from playful to simply lovely. There was a good variety in my assortment, too.

"Beautiful Chocolates for Beautiful People" is the slogan here, and I can at least vouch for the truthfulness of the first part of that motto! There is no online ordering just yet, but don't hesitate to call with questions or an order; you'll be well taken care of, even if you're requesting something special or a large corporate order. If you're going to be in Toronto or Hong Kong, consider stopping by their boutiques. If your itinerary does not permit such an indulgence, call Swiss-Master Chocolatier at (416) 444-8802 or fax them at (416) 444-3527. Better still, check out their rather glamorous website at www.swissmaster.com or www.chocolateur.com...but don't say I didn't warn you!

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