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The Glories of Milk Chocolate


The Glories of Milk ChocolateCreamy, smooth, and easy on the palate, milk chocolate is most often the chocolate on which Americans are raised. In chips, bars, or bonbons, milk chocolate remains a great favorite in this country. The following recipes are easy; who wants to fuss just after the holidays? It's time to stir up some nostalgia or make some new memories, so let's get into the kitchen!


Chocolate Find of the Month:

What do you get when you cross a degree in pastry, a life-long love of good European chocolate, and a move from Denmark to the United States? You get Knipschildt Chocolates, the brainchild of Fritz Knipschildt. Though in this country for a mere four years, he has struck out boldly on his own into the highly competitive world of American chocolate, determined to remedy the lack of best-quality chocolates he says he has found in this country. Mr. Knipschildt is proud of the fact that he uses only fresh ingredients and Valrhona grand cru chocolate in his confections. No preservatives are ever added; Knipschildt Chocolates are meant to be enjoyed while still fresh.

A modest selection of bonbons is offered, with centers you won't find everywhere else (The Romantic, filled with a black currant ganache, and The Blonde, with a dried-plum-and-Armagnac center, are just two examples). The packaging is not as fancy as that from some other companies, as Mr. Knipschildt prefers that people be dazzled by his chocolates and not by the box in which they sit. This is a man serious about his craft! Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and if the "same old thing" in chocolates won't do for your sweetheart, try a box of these. Knipschildt Chocolates are available in some specialty stores in New York and Connecticut, or you can contact the company directly by fax at (203) 866-5759 or via phone at (203) 435-0895 (don't be afraid to leave a message; you will get called back!). As of this writing, the www.knipschildt.com, is not yet online.


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