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White Chocolate Eggnog

2 quarts; 16 servings


Eggnog is traditional on New Year's Eve, at least where I grew up. This is a bit different from most other recipes, as it contains a white chocolate liqueur (Godiva makes one, and perhaps other companies do, too). Even with the liqueur, this doesn't have much of a chocolate flavor, but it certainly tastes good. You can serve this immediately after it is made, or it can stand in the refrigerator for up to 6 hours before serving. If you cannot find a white chocolate liqueur, by the way, you can use brown or white crème de cacao. Godiva also makes a regular (dark) chocolate liqueur, and I'm sure that would work here, too. If you want to use an electric stand mixer to beat the eggs, attach a whisk beater to it, if available. A hand-held mixer works well, too; if you only have one, don't chill the beater(s) when you're chilling the medium bowl for the cream. This is very rich, so make servings small; about 1/2 cup, or 4 ounces, is enough for one person. Nice served in clear, small punch cups or small festive mugs that aren't completely white.

Make sure your eggs are dated as far ahead as possible, and use only eggs with clean, uncracked shells. This is not for children, as it contains a good amount of alcohol. In addition, if your immune system is in any way compromised or you are concerned with the possibility of salmonella (admittedly a slight risk, but still possible), please make something else!


4 eggs, graded "large"
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1 cup whole milk
1/2 cup white chocolate liqueur
2 Tbsp. dark OR golden rum
1-1/2 cups heavy cream

Finely grated or shaved semisweet chocolate


At least 15 minutes before starting the eggnog, chill a medium bowl and beater(s) from a hand-held electric mixer in the refrigerator or freezer.

In small-to-medium bowl, combine eggs and sugar. Beat at low speed until mixed. Gradually increase mixer speed; beat at high speed (highest speed for a hand-held mixer) for 5 full minutes. Mixture will increase in volume and become very pale; you'll be able to see definite marks from the beaters in the egg mixture. If bowl is not of at least 2-1/2 quart capacity, transfer beaten egg mixture to a larger bowl now.

All at once, add milk, white chocolate liqueur, and rum. Beat on lowest speed just until mixed; the egg mixture will thin out dramatically.

In chilled medium bowl, beat heavy cream at high speed just to stiff peaks. Scrape into thinned egg mixture. With large rubber spatula, fold the two mixtures together, pouring gently from one bowl to another once or twice to aid with blending process.

Serve immediately or chill, covered, for up to 6 hours. If mixture stands for any length of time in refrigerator, a thinner layer will separate out on the bottom. Just before serving, fold the eggnog over on itself until thinner layer at bottom is re-incorporated. In any case, serve eggnog cold. Garnish each serving with a pinch of finely grated semisweet chocolate, if desired.

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