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From Fudge to Fancy Holiday Desserts


They're baaaack! Once again, the holidays are upon us, but the recipes in this edition will help you to handle almost any type of festive gathering. Please make the time to cook this season, whether you make soup or your aunt's famous lasagna or something chocolate. and remember, there's no better ending to a classic Thanksgiving meal than a chocolate dessert (or three). Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers!

Fancy Holiday Desserts  

Chocolate Find of the Month:

Boxed chocolates can be a great holiday gift. But you have to wonder about freshness, and there are always some in the box that nobody likes—until now, that is. Nirvana Chocolates allows you to choose each individual chocolate in your box (what a great idea!), and they fly fresh Belgian chocolates into the US. I might suggest starting your selection with a Café Ganache, with a filling of dark chocolate infused with coffee flavor. If you're a marzipan lover, try the Marnier Marzipan—pure almond marzipan with orange flavor, Grand Marnier, and finely chopped orange peel in milk chocolate. There are delicious-sounding other categories, too, including truffles, pralines, and caramels.

If you're in a great hurry or not sure of your recipient's preferences, Nirvana Chocolates has pre-packed assortments. Each box comes with a handy guide, so there won't be any more arguments about which piece might contain what filling. There's a general ingredient list and some specific nutrition information on the site. You'll find Nirvana Chocolates at their toll free number, (877) INDULGE, or online at www.nirvanachocolates.com. Put a little "nirvana" in your life today!


Upcoming Chocolate Event:

Get ready, New York City! The Third Annual Chocolate Show returns to the Metropolitan Pavilion (123 West 18th Street, between 6th and 7th Avenues), from Friday, November 17 through Sunday, November 19, 2000. Over fifty brands of chocolate will be represented! Top pastry chefs and chocolatiers will demonstrate their arts and skills, chocolate tastings will abound, authors will sign their books in the cookbook store, and there will be activities for both children and adults. You'll be able to purchase chocolates for holiday gifts, too. Admission is $12 per adult, $10 for students with ID or seniors 65 or over, and $6 for children under 14; children under 6 will be admitted free. Check out the website at www.chocolateshow.com!  

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