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Father's Day,
Graduations, and Weddings:
Chocolate Congratulations


When I was growing up, my father was our household Chief Financial Officer, math teacher, repairman, and Medicine-Giver-to-the-Cats — and that wasn't counting his day job! It seems that part of parenthood is the ability to wear many hats, and my dad is still doing that today. Happy Father's Day to all the dads among my readers. And congratulations to all the June newlyweds and graduates. Everybody into the kitchen!


Chocolate Recommendation of the Month:

Chocolate Congratulations June is a month of many festivities. Whether you're having a bash for the new graduate, hosting a bridal shower, planning a Father's Day gathering, or just partying because it's summer again, I have a recommendation that will ensure a smile on everyone's face. Lisa Lerner Chocolates, a West Coast company of great gustatorial sophistication, offers two exquisite items that are tailor-made for your get-together. Their Villettes, named after a Charlotte Bronte novel, are crisp wafers called tuiles, coated in milk or dark chocolate. These are delightful with coffee or milk, but in all fairness I must provide a warning that they have a tendency to disappear with alarming speed. The combination of excellent chocolate and crisp, not-too-sweet wafer is irresistible.

Lisa Lerner Chocolates also offers truffles in large, medium, and baby sizes, and in flavors ranging from Snow White to Milk Hazelnut to Dark Grand Marnier. I wish I had space enough in this column to praise these truffles sufficiently, but I'd have to go on for pages to do so. The combination is one of a superb outer shell, neither too thick nor too thin; an interior at once elegant and seductive, chocolatey and creamy; and a flavor that literally brought tears of joy to my eyes the first time I experienced it. The truffles are shipped only for next-day air delivery; they are quite expensive, but they are worth every cent. Cleverly, both truffles and Villettes are sold in bulk and gift packaging, and of course the former will save you some money. No website, but Lisa Lerner Chocolates will gladly send you a price list. Call them at (510) 843-5445, fax them at (510) 843-0221, or write them at 2984 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94702. These are chocolates worthy of any celebration!


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