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Chocolate in San Francisco


There's a lot of chocolate in this city and surrounding communities, and unhappily I was able to get to very little of it. Still, I can give you some recommendations. Forget the names everyone tells you about, and go to one of these places instead (or better yet, several). Except where noted, all are in San Francisco:

Double Rainbow Ice Cream (various locations within San Francisco, one store on Powell Street near Union Square). This company is most famous for their beautiful chocolate sorbet, but they make a number of other flavors, as well. They also offer some very good and fun varieties of ice cream.

Bernard C. Chocolates (75 O'Farrell Street, 415-781-2601). Very good bonbons, molded chocolates, and truffles. You'll have quite a variety of flavors from which to choose. Conveniently located in Union Square.

RoCocoa's Faerie Queene Chocolates (415 Castro, 415-252-5814). An eccentric shop with unusually late business hours (they don't open until 1 pm). There's a knowledgeable staff, and they have their own line of chocolates and fudge. In addition, this is one of very few places in the US where you can get Manon chocolates, among my favorites on the planet. You might not want to take the kids; a few of the chocolates have names like "You Icy Bitch" or "Vanilla Sex."

XOX Truffles (754 Columbus, 415-421-4814). Jean-Marc and Casimira Gorce produce small but delicious truffles in 21 varieties, both with and without liqueur. There's even a vegan soy truffle! The truffles have exquisitely thin shells, and you have your choice of several types of coatings, too (cocoa powder, hazelnuts, coffee crunch, etc.).

Lyla's Chocolates (417 Miller Avenue, Mill Valley, CA, 415-383-8887). Nice assortments of prettily-designed bonbons. This company also offers chocolate roses and fudge. I don't usually enjoy large truffles, but Lyla's are of good quality, very smooth and with good flavors.


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