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by Stephanie Zonis


The Glories
of Bittersweet Chocolate


Ah, bittersweet chocolate! Rich, full-flavored, and perhaps the sexiest of all eating chocolates, bittersweet has been ignored and underused for too long. At long last, it is being accorded a proper share of the chocolate spotlight. This month's recipes celebrate bittersweet chocolate in three delicious—and very diverse—desserts.


Chocolate Find of the Month:

I Love Chocolate Tasting Bars. Large bars for baking. Bonbons. Holiday chocolates. Certainly, there are chocolate sites that sell all of these—but not all of those sites feature Michel Cluizel chocolate, a particular favorite of mine. The March Chocolate Recommendation, Echocolates.com, offers Cluizel bars in varieties ranging from milk through bittersweet, all the way up to their "infinite dark" for those of you who can never get your chocolate in pure enough form! The assortments range from smaller boxes of tasting bars to enormous selections of bonbons. I find this chocolate perfectly smooth, with a good aroma and an excellent, balanced flavor.

In addition to Michel Cluizel products, Echocolates.com has some Laderach chocolates, as well as Chef's Creations. There is a special section for wholesalers/caterers, and someone did a lot of research for the chocolate history area, which I found most informative. Don't forget to register for a chance to win free chocolate. One caveat: the recipes on-site, at least as of this writing, are all in metric measurements and designed for culinary professionals. Do take a look at Echocolates.com; the site address (www.echocolates.com) should be easy to remember!


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