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by Stephanie Zonis


Mont Blanc Gourmet Hot Cocoa


Happy New Year! My name is Stephanie Zonis, and welcome to the January, 2000 edition of "I Love Chocolate." Hope you all survived the holidays in fine shape. This edition of the column is devoted to past favorites, recipes that have already appeared in this column that my tasters have told me they especially enjoyed. Everyone ready for chocolate? Good, let's get into the kitchen!


Chocolate Find of the Month:

Hot Cocoa

It's January. You had a really rough day at work, both kids and one of the dogs have colds, and the merciless meteorologists are forecasting sleet for tomorrow morning. The solution to your woes? The January Chocolate Find, Mont Blanc Gourmet Hot Cocoa. I know there are lots of cocoa drinks on the market, but these really taste like chocolate, they're quick and easy to make, and they're all natural. The cocoa is creamy-tasting (even if made with hot water) and comforting to both adults and children. Flavors include Creamy Dark, Classique, Sugar-Free Classique, White Chocolate, and Raspberry. and did I mention their chocolate syrups? Mont Blanc Gourmet Hot Cocoa also has flavored chocolate syrups--great for coffee, espresso, or cocoa-based drinks (and try them over ice cream). with varieties like White Chocolate Amaretto and Dark Chocolate Hazelnut, your tastebuds will never get bored.

The company's website features drink recipes, a trivia quiz, frequently asked questions about chocolate and cocoa, specials, and their regular catalog; secure ordering is available as well. The owners are genuinely nice people who care about the quality of their products, and, given all of their flavor variations, they have clearly made an effort to accommodate many tastes and preferences. You can contact Mont Blanc Gourmet Hot Cocoa by phone at (800) 877-3811, via fax at (303) 399-2323, or by logging on to their website at www.montblancgourmet.com. with a mug of this cocoa in hand, the winter blues will be a thing of the past.


I Love Chocolate wants YOU!!! Do you have a comment, question, or suggestion? How about a recent chocolate "find" you'd like to share? You can contact me at: [email-address-removed]; I'd like your input on this column. Thanks!


'Til next month,
Yours in chocolate,



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