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Kevin's S'mores Indoors


Everyone knows about s'mores, the graham cracker, chocolate, and toasted marshmallow sandwiches that are the perfect ending to a cook-out. But supposing you'd like one now? It's October, so it might be raining or blustery or just too cold to fire up the grill. Relax; you can make s'mores quickly and easily without breaking out the hibachi. Despite the fact that s'mores are supposed to be "kid stuff", I know plenty of adults who eat them just as avidly..

You can make s'mores in your microwave, but I've tried it, and it doesn't work for me. You have to watch the marshmallows every second, the graham cracker starts getting soggy instead of pleasantly warm, and the whole thing just loses appeal. Making s'mores in the oven isn't as instantaneous, but it's pretty fast, you can make more at once, and the marshmallows won't explode if they're heated for a few seconds too long.

If you're tired of the standard combination of graham cracker, milk chocolate, and marshmallow, you can do a little substituting. Instead of the milk chocolate, use a miniature peanut butter cup (0.6 ozs. is an ideal size--make sure you unwrap it!) or one "fun size" or two "miniature" candy bars. You can also use semisweet or bittersweet chocolate, as long as it's from a thin bar. I would not use chocolate graham crackers here; you can try it, but to me they always taste slightly scorched after being heated.

Thanks to my friend Kevin for suggesting these.


Preheat oven to 300°F. Line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil, shiny side up.

For each s'more, break a graham cracker in half (the graham crackers I use measure just under 5" long by about 2-1/4" wide). Place one half (bottom side up, if you're a purist) on the lined cookie sheet. Place one soft, fresh, large marshmallow in the center of the graham cracker half. Have ready the other graham cracker half and a piece of a thin milk chocolate bar (you'll want a piece almost large enough to cover half a graham cracker).

Bake the graham cracker half with the marshmallow on it for 4 minutes (the marshmallow will swell slightly). Remove from oven. Immediately place the milk chocolate on top of the marshmallow; press down to spread the marshmallow to the edges of the graham cracker and to imbed the chocolate in the warm marshmallow. Top with the other graham cracker half (bottom side down, if you are strict about these matters). Leave on the still-warm cookie sheet; allow to stand 1-2 minutes. Eat immediately.

A peanut butter cup can be substituted for the milk chocolate, using the technique described above. If you use one or two very small candy bars, place them on the other graham cracker half, place that half on the cookie sheet, and bake along with the marshmallow (and for the same length of time). When done, carefully put the two graham cracker halves together, marshmallow and candy bar sides in, and press gently. Let sit and consume as above.


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