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Hi! My name is Stephanie Zonis, and welcome to the April, 1999 Edition of "I Love Chocolate." This month, the column focuses on pastry—a scary word to a lot of people. In truth, I hadn't made that much pastry myself, until I decided it was something I wanted to do. Jump in! Pastry is fun, it broadens your mind, and at the end of your labors, you get to eat it—and it tastes wonderful. Remember, most of you out there are home cooks and bakers, not professionals. Be proud of that, recognize that your creations won't always look perfect, and remember that looks are far from everything in the world of dessert. This column is for the venturesome, ambitious dessert-lover in us all. Let's get into the kitchen!


Chocolate Find of the Month:

I Love Chocolate

Chuck Lupton and Betty Miyanaga-Lupton have recognized that no one can live by chocolate alone. This, perhaps, explains the great variety of intriguing foods they have assembled in this month's chocolate find, the Fancy Foods Gourmet Club. In addition to lots of interesting chocolates (Omanhene, which I love; Chocolate Lace; chocolate cakes and pastries; truffles; and many more), there are jams, scones, honeys, maple syrups, barbecue sauces, caviars, smoked fish...the list goes on and on. There are clever gift sets as well as beautiful single items.

To see all of this bounty for yourself, check out the Fancy Foods Gourmet Club on line, at: www.ffgc.com. Note that the website lists more of their products than does their catalog, and each month the site includes specials valid only for those who order on line. If you'd rather get the catalog or place an order by phone, call the company at (800) 576-3548 (you can also download an order form from the website and fax it to them at (800) 646-9919). I placed an order just prior to Valentine's Day, and it was in my hands before the promised delivery date. I hope you'll give this company a try; I have tasted many of the foods they sell, and they are of very good quality.

I Love Chocolate wants YOU!!! Do you have a comment, question, or suggestion? How about a recent chocolate "find" you'd like to share? You can contact me at: [email-address-removed]; I'd like your input on this column. Thanks!


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