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December 2004 Gourmet Guess Contest Prize


Capresso "Cool Grind" Coffee Grinder
Big Chill Pastry Board From Kuhn Rikon, and
Chantal Starfish Segmented Serving Plate

This month's Gourmet Guess winners will receive a trio of gifts that any foodie will appreciate: the Capresso "Cool Grind" Coffee Grinder with a bag of Capresso "Grand Aroma" Premium Whole Bean Coffee, the Big Chill Pastry Board From Kuhn Rikon, and the Chantal Starfish Segmented Serving Plate.

The total combined value of this month's Gourmet Guess prize is $96.48.


Capresso "Cool Grind" Coffee Grinder

Capresso presents a new look for its popular "Cool Grind" Coffee Grinder, with a stylishly curved silhouette and elegant stainless steel housing with black accents.

"Cool Grind" looks as cool as it operates, with a stainless design that ties in with decor trends. In addition to the latest look, it offers the lowest heat build-up in blade grinders, with low noise operation.

With a large capacity accommodating up to 15 cups of coffee, "Cool Grind" offers unusually fast stopping action—just one second—for greater safety. It features a stainless steel beaker and blade, with pulse action to grind from coarse to fine.

The large see-through safety lid can be used to hold ground coffee after grinding. Recessed cord storage adds convenience whether displayed on the countertop or stored in a cabinet.

The new Capresso "Cool Grind" with stainless steel housing has an actual retail price of $29.99 and is available nationwide at Linens 'n Things.


Capresso "Grand Aroma" Premium Whole Bean Coffee

The Capresso "Grand Aroma" Premium Whole Bean Coffee was created to be the perfect bean for the perfect machine.

Roasted in the "Ticino" region (The Italy of Switzerland), "Grand Aroma" combines the Italian tradition of selecting the finest premium beans with unmatched Swiss high-tech precision roasting. This special blend of beans produces a rich, smooth aroma with a velvety flavor that's never bitter. The blend is also designed to maximize crema, the light foam that naturally appears on the surface of the highest quality coffee and espresso.

Capresso "Grand Aroma" Premium Whole Coffee Beans come in a colorful 8.8-ounce bag with freshness valve, at an actual retail price of $6.49.

For more information, contact Capresso at 800-767-3554 or visit

Pastry Board

Big Chill Pastry Board From Kuhn Rikon

Kuhn Rikon makes it easy to roll out pastry, regardless of the weather, with the new Big Chill Pastry Board. Designed to minimize the problems of sticking, it allows the baker to roll dough for pies, cookies and delicate pastries with ease.

The Big Chill Pastry Board also reduces the need for extra flour, which is often used to alleviate the problem of sticking. It reduces the hassle when rolling out the dough and helps creates more perfect results once baked.

The lightweight board is a great alternative to the heavy, more expensive marble pastry boards used by frequent bakers. The Big Chill Pastry Board is cooled by four individual coolant packs that last for up to two hours. After freezing the coolant packs in the freezer, place them in the bottom half of the plastic pastry board, cover with the top, and roll away.

The maintenance-free board is made of low density polyethylene (LDPE) plastic, and is embossed with three ring sizes (8, 9 and 10 inch), for quick and handy reference while rolling dough.

The Big Chill Pastry Board has a suggested retail price of $30.

For more information, visit


Chantal Starfish Segmented Serving Plate

The Chantal Starfish Segmented Star Serving Plate is a festive star-shaped plate that fills any party with fun—and food. Segmented into five separate sections, the Starfish Serving Plate makes it easy to serve condiments, crudités, hors d'oeuvres, crackers and more, and it makes presentation a decorative affair.

Arching points accentuate the new star design, which measures 12 inches wide and is available in Glossy True Red or Classic White or Cornflower Blue. Made of high-quality stoneware, the Starfish Segmented Plate features smooth, hand-sanded bottoms that protect countertops, buffets and tables, wherever the piece is used.

The Starfish Segmented Serving Plate is fitting for holidays ranging from Independence Day to Christmas, and is a great accent piece for a birthday celebration or other festive event. It can also enhance the presentation of fish or lobster dinners with its starfish shape. The Starfish Segmented Serving Plate joins other items in the Chantal Star collection including star-shaped ceramic bakepans, plates and ramekins.

All Chantal ceramics come with a one year limited warranty against cracking, crazing, or fading.

The Starfish Segmented Serving Plate has a suggested retail price of $30.

For more information, contact Chantal at 800-365-4354, or visit


This page created January 2005