Ԫ Gourmet Guess Prize—July-August 2004

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July-August 2004
Gourmet Guess Contest Prize


Prizes from Messermeister, William Bounds, and Chantal

Favorite summertime foods are more easily prepared and served with a variety of new kitchen tools including Messermeister's Meridian elité Granton Chef Knife, William Bounds Sili Gourmet BBQ Brush and Chantal's Lobster Butter Warmer.

Winners of the July-August Gourmet Guess will receive this prize package, valued at a suggested retail price of $182.


Messermeister 9-Inch Meridian elité Granton Chef's Knife

Chef's Knife

Messermeister makes the most often used knife in the kitchen even more functional, marrying the best quality elité edge with a uniquely designed shape in the Meridian elité Granton Chef Knife.

The Messermeister 9-Inch Meridian elité Granton Chef's Knife features a delicately textured granton edge that makes slicing vegetables more convenient by reducing drag during the slicing process, keeping food from sticking to the blade. Useful for a variety of tasks from slicing to chopping, it has Messermeister's elité edge, a one-piece forged blade made of high carbon, no-stain molybdenum vanadium tool steel. The elité edge is created with a three-step sharpening process and hand polishing for one of the sharpest edges on the market today. The triple riveted polyoxymetholene handle is designed to allow you to grip onto the handle without slipping.

For more information, visit www.messermeister.com.


Sili Gourmet BBQ Brush

BBQ Brush

William Bounds adds fashion and function to grilling accessories with the introduction of the new Sili Gourmet BBQ Brush.

The combination of a long stainless steel handle and silicone bristles makes the William Bounds Sili Gourmet BBQ Brush an indispensable tool for grilling. Because of the silicone brush, the Sili Gourmet BBQ Brush is able to withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Sauces and marinades cling to the silicone bristles and are easily released when basting. Measuring 15-inches long, the one-piece molded, stainless steel handle enables you to access hard to reach areas of the grill without exposure to excessive heat. The Sili Gourmet is dishwasher safe.

For more information, visit www.wmboundsltd.com.

Butter Warmer


Lobster Butter Warmer from Chantal

Enjoy the convenience of warm butter tableside and enhance its presentation with the new Lobster Butter Warmer from Chantal.

Part of the growing "school" of ceramic fish designs from Chantal, the Lobster Butter Warmer adds color and charm to any seafood buffet or lobster dinner. The half-cup ceramic dish is fashioned to resemble a lobster with textured claws and body, and is offered in Chantal's new True Red. A stainless steel stand cradles the lobster dish just above a tealight candle to keep butter and dipping sauces at the ideal serving temperature. The tealight candle easily melts butter in the dish and then keeps it warm throughout dinner.

For more information, visit www.chantal.com.


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This page created July 2004