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And the winners are...

The ten winners of the December 1999 GOURMET GUESS contest drawing are:

Tom Birgeles, Jackson Heights NY
Barbara Dillon, Goodyear AZ
Harriet Hess, Satellite Beach FL
Sarah Jumel, New Orleans LA
Grant Kennell, Oakland CA
Cate Kohout, Edina MN
Toni Price, New Bern NC
Judy Ryder, Orrington ME
Betty Teller, Napa CA
Sue Workman, Egg Harbor WI


Each winner will receive a Capresso "CoffeeTEC" with a retail value of over $199!

And thanks to all the many thousands of participants in the game!

Here are the correct answers to the December 1999 Gourmet Guess questions:

1. The dried seeds of legumes like beans, peas and lentils are called what?

A) Pulses
B) Splits
C) Pods
D) Kernels

2. The tuile and tulipe are French variations of what type of cookies?

A) Icebox Cookies
B) Pressed Cookies
C) Wafer Cookies
D) Bar Cookies

3. The croissant, which is French for "crescent," was first created in what city to celebrate the defeat of Turkish invaders in 1686?

A) Paris
B) Budapest
C) Istanbul
D) Athens

4. Medjool, Deglet-Noor and Halawy are all varieties of what?

A) Bananas
B) Dates
C) Apricots
D) Melons

5. Polenta, a staple food of northern Italy, is made from what?

A) Rice
B) Corn
C) Potatoes
D) Wheat

6. The German dessert wine "Eiswein" (ice wine) is so-called because of what?

A) The grapes are picked and crushed while frozen
B) The wine is traditionally served over ice
C) Ice is added to the fermentation process
D) The wine is traditionally poured over ice cream

7. Used as both a candy and an icing, fondant is a mixture of what three ingredients?

A) Molasses, water and gelatin
B) Honey, corn syrup and margarine
C) Corn syrup, water and vanilla
D) Sugar, water and cream of tartar

8. Mincemeat, a spicy preserve used in holiday desserts, originally included lean cooked meat but many modern recipes contain nuts, suet, spirits and mostly what?

A) Colorful vegetables
B) Various fruits
C) Onions and potatoes
D) Various breads

9. In 1930, Ruth Wakefield, proprietor of the Toll House Inn in Massachusetts, created the first recipe for what?

A) Cheesecake
B) Ladyfingers
C) Candy canes
D) Chocolate chip cookies

10. [Bonus] The new Capresso CoffeeTEC, this month's Gourmet Guess prize, is the first coffeemaker to include a PACS. What does PACS stand for?

A) Pump Auto-Cappuccino System
B) Power-Assisted Coffee Starter
C) Premium Auto-Creamer System
D) Patented All-Coffee System

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This page created January 2000