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The Gourmet Guess contest ended on December 2004 and will not return in 2005. Thanks to all the many thousands of players who entered the contest every month since 1994.

The ten winners of the December 2004 GOURMET GUESS contest drawing are:

Kam Aures Boulder Junction, WI
Lynn Bushey, Klamath Falls, OR
Harmony Gillish, Toms River, NJ
Kerry Haney, Dover, OH
Laura Knol, Manteno, IL
Bernice Kolier, Wilton, CT
Joshua Lawson, Dover, FL
Shane Mashek, Oak Forest, IL
David Mcvea, Miami, FL
Pamela Warren, Murphys, CA


Each winner will receive a culinary gift set including a Capresso "Cool Grind" Coffee Grinder, a Chantal Starfish Segmented Serving Plate, and a Big Chill Pastry Board From Kuhn Rikon, with a total suggested retail price of $96.48!


Here are the correct answers to the December 2004 Gourmet Guess questions:

1. What Swiss inventor combined milk with chocolate to create milk chocolate in 1875?

A) Daniel Peter
B) Jean Tobler
C) Rodolphe Lindt
D) Phillipe Souchard

2. Related to daisies and dandelions, this silvery herb with a minty, lemony character is sometimes called Bible leaf, alecost or mint geranium.

A) Marigold
B) Costmary
C) Asafoetida
D) Perilla

3. In India, a fresh unripened cheese that has been curdled with citrus juice and is pressed until firm, like tofu, is called what?

A) Panir
B) Mirch
C) Kheer
D) Dal

4. What is the name of a Middle Eastern flavoring for baked goods made from ground black cherry pits?

A) Mahleb
B) Zatar
C) Haleeb
D) Knaafeh

5. Which of the following oils is over 90% saturated fat (the others are less than 20%)?

A) Canola oil
B) Coconut oil
C) Walnut oil
D) Soybean oil

6. A popular condiment of plums pickled in brine and red shiso leaves is called what in Japan?

A) Hakusai
B) Shirataki
C) Umeboshi
D) Kombu

7. A dish of eggs baked in a small cup with a covering of cream or milk and sometimes topped with breadcrumbs is called what?

A) Eggs Sardou
B) Plantation eggs
C) Oeufs à la Neige
D) Shirred eggs

8. An Egyptian spice blend that contains hazelnuts or chickpeas as a base, with pepper, coriander, cumin and sesame seeds added, and usually including the cook's own additions, is called what?

A) Dukka
B) Hamaam
C) Shurba
D) Zabadi

9. Besides Drambuie, what is another Scottish liqueur made with Scotch whiskey, honey and herbs?

A) Lakeland
B) Arondale's
C) Kilt & Kapers
D) Glayva

10. [Bonus] The Capresso "Cool Grind" Coffee Grinder, part of this month's Gourmet Guess prize, can grind enough beans in one use for up to how many cups of coffee?

A) Two
B) Six
C) Ten
D) Fifteen



This page created January 2005