Good Karma Cafe

Review by Patti Wetli

Billing itself the "web site for good food and good times," the Good Karma Cafe proved anything but. I barely made it past the opening graphic, which never loaded completely--and took what seemed like eons only to come up short. Clicking aimlessly on a literal black hole that was my monitor, I did manage to tap into random content. The list looked promising: health, fitness, recipes, vegetarian page, but the glut of information also looked extremely daunting. Visit only if you have the copious free time and patience to peruse the site.

Possessing neither, I linked out of there. Bicycle Beano Cycle Tours sounded like the perfect antidote for my karmic crash. For the bewildered, beano apparently means an "annual holiday, a feast and a jolly good time." Or in this case, bicycle tours of western Britain (i.e., Wales) with a whole lot of eating thrown in for good measure. Cyclists select from various "beano" base camp venues and venture out into the countryside, stopping at local pubs for lunch and chowing down on vegetarian wholefood breakfasts and "evening meals" back at the ranch. Did we mention tea? Perhaps not, but the hosts seem particularly keen on it.

This site links to other cycling tours, tourist attractions and additional vegetarian pages, including "Don't Panic, Eat Organic" and "The Crazy Vegetarian." The latter offers a list of famous vegetarians (someone should inform them that River Phoenix passed away YEARS ago) and underwhelming recipes such as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Never did get that recipe--some "Java" script error crashed my machine. Bad karma.

Patty Wetli is a Chicago-based writer and editor. She's written on a variety of topics from historic cathedrals to telecommunications legislation. Web site reviews give her a legitimate excuse to pursue one of her favorite interests--food--the other, ironically, being an obsession with physical fitness.

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