Pivovarna Lasko Brewery

Review by Patti Wetli

Dobrodosli! No my fingers haven't slipped on the keyboard; that's actually "welcome" in Slovene. Not sure exactly how "home page" translates, but luckily the folks at Pivovarna Lasko Brewery have set up their site in English as well.

Taken at face value, the site is little more than a product advertisement, with some local history tossed in for added credibility. Copy probably loses a little something in the translation, reading like a cheap romance novel. But that becomes part of the charm the further you delve into this quirky site. Ultimately, it creates something akin to a virtual buzz off its Zlatorog beer--a "merry, good will" 12% malt extract preferred by 50% of all Slovenians.

Product descriptions are half the fun; the other being cultural differences. Forget about Glasnost and the European Union; the Zlatorog Club beer is "the master-stroke of the brewers from Lasko. It represents a giant step in the direction of a united Europe." Translation: the formula has been adjusted to appeal to Western palates. Then there's Termalni, which allegedly is to beer what sparkling or sweet dessert wines are among wines--perfect served with a "spicy cheese plate or a warm garlic toast." What about flourless chocolate cake, or Jello?

"Beer in the Kitchen" lists recipes for all of four dishes and two drinks. The former includes "evil chicken with beer," with "devilish" ingredients such as tabasco and paprika listed in microscopic, italic type.

But the best feature has to be the "Beer for Strength" link. Citing increasing difficulty in finding clear, clean drinking water, the site extols the value of beer as a clean, hygienically-prepared beverage. Stopping short of claiming a cure for cancer, the folks at Pivo praise properties that fight celulite (sic), prevent hair loss and dandruff, and act as an agent for losing weight due to the purging of urine and water from the body. At the very least, the site will leave you smiling. We'll alert the Surgeon General.

Patty Wetli is a Chicago-based writer and editor. She's written on a variety of topics from historic cathedrals to telecommunications legislation. Web site reviews give her a legitimate excuse to pursue one of her favorite interests--food--the other, ironically, being an obsession with physical fitness.

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