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Source: The Internet Food Channel, 5/26/97
Title: Net Digest review
Author: Patty Wetli
URL: https://www.foodchannel.com

We kissed a lot of frogs and finally found a prince. The Internet Food Channel virtually screams, "Bookmark me." and we did.

An electronic extension of a nearly 10-year-old newsletter, the site features the latest in food news gathered from around the country and updated daily. Articles are culled from journalistic heavyweights such as the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Chicago Tribune, MSNBC, and FoxNews. A recent sampling included a piece on hard cider's efforts to ride the microbrew wave and hilarious commentary from the Washington Post on cafeteria food ("Give me food the way Swanson prepares it: in divider trays. Who made the rule that food has to look like a DeKooning canvas?").

A food dictionary, boasting everything from "abalone to zwieback," offered definitions that would turn Webster green with envy. We punched in "couscous" and came away the smarter for it, with recipe links to boot.

Wanna be a hit at cocktail parties? Check out the daily fact: an adult ostrich produces between 70 and 100 pounds of meat. But use your newfound knowledge judiciously, lest you sink to Cliff Clavin status.

The site also features cookbook reviews, found under "Essential Reading," and restaurant listings. Unfortunately, the latter only provides name, type of cuisine, address and phone number (caveat emptor) and all but ignores eateries in the heartland, Chicago excepted.

Personalized food pyramids are available as well (bring on 11 bread servings--or two bagels), with menus and meal plans to get you started.

And there's also...well, you get the idea. I know I'll be back.

The Internet Food Channel

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