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Source: Sutton Place Gourmet, 5/12/97
Title: Net Digest review
Author: Patty Wetli
URL: https://www.suttongourmet.com

The proliferation of TV food shows, the rise of the celebrity chef, and the cult of Martha Stewart seem to suggest we're all busily preparing gastronomic feasts while tuning into Jacques Pepin and watering our home-grown herb gardens. And who stands to benefit most from this trend--whether fact or fiction? Food purveyors, i.e., supermarkets and their gourmet brethren. Gotta buy those sundried tomatoes (or frozen pizzas) somewhere.

To fuel the feeding frenzy, Sutton Place and Hay Day stores, located in the D.C. And Connecticut areas, offer up a web site that advertises much more than next week's special on raisin bran. It's not just a rutabaga, it's a lifestyle.

A news section highlights a featured item (vidalia onions when we logged on), and "favorite ingredients" included wheat berries and artichokes. Cooking instructions for the former and tips on how to select, handle and serve the latter will save you the trouble of tracking down your not-so-friendly neighborhood produce manager.

Pedestrian ingredients were also noticeably absent from the brief recipe section. No plugs for Velveeta or cream of mushroom soup. Creativity more than compensates for the brevity of this link, short on quantity, long on high concept: oysters brochette with remoulade sauce to start with, grapefruit meringue pie as dessert.

A predictably pretentious wine section offers up overblown prose with its suggested pairings. "Notes from our Nutritionist" disappoints as the only blatant sales vehicle, written in conjunction with the company's catering division and a veritable grocery list of brand names.

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