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Source: Star Chefs, 5/12/97
Title: Net Digest review
Author: Patty Wetli
URL: https://www.starchefs.com

Chefs in the late '90s have become what talk show hosts were earlier in the decade. Simply substitute Emeril Lagasse for Geraldo; Michael Romano for Sally Jessy; Julia Child for Phil Donahue.

Whether hawking their latest cookbook or chatting up a live studio audience over creme brulee, the current crop of media-savvy chefs has rocketed from mere culinary professional into the celebrity stratosphere. Starchefs.com not only acknowledges this trend, it celebrates it, strewing digital signatures across the screen like so many handprints outside Mann's Chinese Theater.

Though the slow-loading, graphics-laden main menu will try any visitor's patience (perhaps the designers should have consulted with some of their featured "stars"), there's enough material on hand to sate all but the most voracious food groupie's appetite.

Roughly 40 chefs receive individual home pages, which incorporate biographical and cookbook information, recipes, restaurant blurbs and an interview with each chef. The recipe section is particularly noteworthy, including "insider" tips on preparation techniques and unusual ingredients. The bios also offer an interesting glimpse at the myriad paths taken on the road to stardom. But be forewarned: some information looks to be at least two years old, rather defeating the purpose of the up-to-the-nanosecond Internet.

In addition to chef profiles, the site promises gossip but doesn't deliver, announces culinary events, and features visitor-provided restaurant reviews (skewed heavily toward New York and Florida. C'mon Kansans, log on!). Topic areas also include help wanted ads for star chef wannabes. Emeril had better watch his back.

Star Chefs

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