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Source: Hot and Spicy Cooking Page, 5/5/97
Title: Net Digest review
Author: Patty Wetli
URL: https:/www.teleport.com/~cstarz/

With summer right around the corner (except for in certain windy Midwestern cities), thoughts naturally turn to outdoor cooking. And what better source of grilling and barbequing inspiration than the Hot and Spicy Cooking Page.

Don't be misled by the bargain-basement logo and graphics, this site's the poster child for substance over style. Visitors are treated to a discussion of the difference between smokers and roasters, steamers and barbeque. Quick definitions also are provided for essential terms such as dry rub. Though we could do without the advertorial for the Smoke-N-Grill. Recipes are uploaded by your average mesquiters and divided into categories such as marinades and "other sauces"--tobasco and chilli powder abound. Site provides just the right amount of options; recipe collection by no means exhaustive, yet hits the hot notes. Gamut ranges from haute/haughty cuisine (a French BBQ sauce) to your basic barbeque for dummies--Terry's Not So Famous Chicken Wing Sauce: 1 gallon Durkee's hot sauce plus 3 1/2 lbs. butter or margarine, which even the most inept weekend chef should be able to master.

Should this site prove too tame for heat-seeking missiles, links are provided to other spicy pages. The jalapeño Cafe and Hot Hot Hot look promising. But I'd better let my monitor cool off first.

Hot and Spicy Cooking Page

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