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Source: ShawGuides' on the Web, 4/14/97
Title: Net Digest review
Author: Katherine Withers Cobbs
URL: https://www.shawguides.com

Just as the Joy of Cooking proves to be the ever enduring cook's bible, the ShawGuides' "The Guide to Cooking Schools" has remained the revered resource for aspiring culinary students. and now the 1997 edition, complete with career and professional programs, apprenticeships, culinary travel tours, non-vocational programs, wine appreciation courses and organizations and publications is available on the Web. Best of all you don't have to pay the $19.95 price you'd pay at the bookstore.

This frame-based site is easy to navigate. Searchable by school, location or specialization, entries include all the important details to help make your decision an informed one. From cost and course schedules to admission requirements and contact information, ShawGuides' on the Web is the place to jumpstart your culinary prowess.

Katherine Withers Cobbs is a San Francisco freelance writer, editor and designer who recently worked on Time-Life Asia's "Quick & Tasty Series -Books and Video" (Time-Life Asia, 1996) and the upcoming "Williams-Sonoma Seasonal Celebration" series (Time-Life Books, US, 1997).

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