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Source: The National Pasta Association, 3/3/97
Title: Net Digest review
Author: Katherine Withers Cobbs
URL: https://www.ilovepasta.org/

Most all of us love the ease of whipping it up. We can't help but heap it on. The old favorite is perfect for slurping and twirling. and who doesn't feel the need to loosen a button or two after woofing it down. It's pasta, of course. So how good is it for us? How much is too much? How can it be lightened up? Who knows their rotini from their radiatori?

Visit the National Pasta Association's website and learn from the pros. From nutrition info to perfect preparation and storage, this page is sure to answer most all those pasta questions that have been noodling you. There is even an illustrated guide to pasta shapes. Find yourself wondering how something so hearty and filling can be good for you? Well, it can be, if prepared with care. Relinquish those fears and learn some tricks of the trattoria.

While most of the recipes featured on this site follow government guidelines for having less than 30 percent of calories from fat while remaining low in sodium, there is even a Super-Low Fat recipe section for those who are on stringent diets to reduce their fat intake. A handy symbol system is used to tell you which recipes are quick to prepare (30 minutes or less), a healthy recipe, a cold or hot recipe and whether or not you'll find a photo of the finished product. Obviously many recipes fit many of the categories but most every recipe (and they are numerous) seems innovative and worth a try.

Katherine Withers Cobbs is a San Francisco freelance writer, editor and designer who recently worked on Time-Life Asia's "Quick & Tasty Series -Books and Video" (Time-Life Asia, 1996) and the upcoming "Williams-Sonoma Seasonal Celebration" series (Time-Life Books, US, 1997).

The National Pasta Association

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