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Source: Farmer's Market Online, 2/10/97
Title: Net Digest review
Author: Katherine Withers Cobbs
URL: https://members.aol.com/marketfarm/farmers-market/

There was a time when the closing of farmer's market stalls due to Winter's arrival meant you would soon be relegating yourself to the frozen vegetable section or the canned aisle at the supermarket in order to get out-of-season produce. Never fear, the times they are a changin'...and for the better.

Farmer's Market Online, brought to you by AOL, hopes to bring back visions of springtime's tender harvest and summer's red-ripe tomatoes. It is all just an order away in The Booths section of the marketplace. Currently, the fresh produce section is meager, but the idea is a great one if more farmers would participate. The specialty food items list is a long one: from nuts to coffee and berries to maple syrup. You even can buy your own farm and livestock at the Farm Supply page, if you wish. Exchange ideas with others in the Open Market. It's all at your fingertips.

If you like what you see, why not join at chat room? There's What's Cooking Online, What's Growing Online, What's Cooking On TV and What's Growing On TV. You can also subscribe to a free Farmer's Market newsletter, published three times a week, by sending an email to market@[email-address-removed] with the following in the body of your mail: Subscribe Farm, Subscribe Food or Subscribe Media or All to choose the newsletter that's right for you. This site site's potential is great. Spread the word to your local farmer so that the offerings will grow. If you can't find what you're after, post your request on the Bulletin Board...unless, of course, you're after a can of spinach!

Katherine Withers Cobbs is a San Francisco freelance writer, editor and designer who recently worked on Time-Life Asia's "Quick & Tasty Series -Books and Video" (Time-Life Asia, 1996) and the upcoming "Williams-Sonoma Seasonal Celebration" series (Time-Life Books, US, 1997).

Farmer's Market Online

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