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Source: Healthy "Woking" with Lily Loh, 1/20/97
Title: Net Digest review
Author: Katherine Withers Cobbs

Born in China, site creator Lily Loh, is a certified culinary professional with an impressive resume. She taught home economics at Cornell University and currently runs a Chinese cooking school in southern California. In addition to hosting two national cable television shows, Ms. Loh is the author of Lily Loh's Chinese Seafood & Vegetables. Her site is updated monthly with several new recipes. The tragedy here, however, is that the previous recipes are removed and visitors are given no way to access them. Her recipes are fantastic!! Hopefully, in the future, and maybe with a little email-prodding, Ms. Loh will provide users with a searchable database of her creations.

At this writing, the featured delights were Shrimp with Lobster Sauce and Bok Choy with Cream Sauce. While the bok choy dish was a new one to me (touted as a palate cleanser), I couldn't resist trying the shrimp dish. It was a marvelous. I look forward to next months recipes. Recipe tips and answers to questions from visitors along with Ms. Loh's "special events calendar" are provided. This site is worth the monthly peek if only for the recipes...and to hear the catchy music that plays throughout your visit.

Katherine Withers Cobbs is a San Francisco freelance writer, editor and designer who recently worked on Time-Life Asia's "Quick & Tasty Series -Books and Video" (Time-Life Asia, 1996) and the upcoming "Williams-Sonoma Seasonal Celebration" series (Time-Life Books, US, 1997).

Healthy "Woking" with Lily Loh

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