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Source: Weekly Reader's "Cooking with Kids", 1/13/97
Title: Net Digest review
Author: Katherine Withers Cobbs
URL: https://www.weeklyreader.com/features/cookwka.html

Weekly Reader was the first magazine subscription many of us ever had the good fortune to receive. In keeping with the times and in addition to the wonderful magazine offerings, the folks at Weekly Reader have created a website giving kids and parents an educational and innovative medium to explore. While the entire sight is loaded with information and activities for kids of all ages, especially wonderful is a cooking section geared to kitchen novices from pre-kindergarten through the first grade.

The big type makes Cooking with Kids easy to digest for the beginning reader, while large buttons and graphics keep young kids entertained too. The recipes in this section are hardly gourmet fare, but they are simple to prepare with help from mom or dad and offer a tasty reward for developing some important skills in the kitchen.

Recipe methods are written concisely and are directed to the adult assisting rather than to the kids, telling parents what the kids can do along the way such as washing fruit for a Fall Fruit Dip, mixing the dip, arranging cut fruit on a platter...and, of course, tasting along the way. Kudos for Weekly Reader!!

Katherine Withers Cobbs is a San Francisco freelance writer, editor and designer who recently worked on Time-Life Asia's "Quick & Tasty Series -Books and Video" (Time-Life Asia, 1996) and the upcoming "Williams-Sonoma Seasonal Celebration" series (Time-Life Books, US, 1997).

Weekly Reader's "Cooking with Kids"

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